Macc's Bishoujo

Current # of caught Bishoujo: 15

Well, here they are, all Bishoujo I managed to catch so far. And remember, you can look, but don't touch! :)

These three were the first I caught, since I knew they were easy. .....Hmmm? To catch, of course! Easy to catch! What the hell were YOU thinking? ;)

Of course after Final Fantasy 7 characters, FF8 characters were the obvious follow-up. I couldn't find Quistis or Selphie, but look who I did find...

Probably the least appreciated beauty of FF8. Now, taking a step backwards to FF6...

Bwa ha ha! I OWN you, Celes! Now you have to obey my every whim! Muhahahahah! (note: This is directed towards a certain regular at The Mysidian Message Board ... she knows who she is :)

And here we have FF4's Rydia. The green kinda clashes with my armor, but oh well.

Heck, why not. The whole idea is based on Pokémon, so it's only fitting I'd catch some females from the Pokémon anime.

Here's Nina from Breath of Fire 3. So I like girls with wings. Sue me.

Rika from Phantasy Star 4. Looking good for a one year old, ne? :)

Cammy of Street Fighter fame. ...why did I catch her again? Oh yeah, she was number 38 in the Bisho-dex (yes, of course there's one of those too, what did you think?) and 38 is my lucky number. And she ain't no dog, neither.

Good ol' #18 from Dragonball Z. Sorry about that, Krillin. :)

Lina Inverse from Slayers. I thought having a powerful magic-user on my side would be a good thing.

Did you wonder where Schala went after the whole Undersea Palace thing? Well, now you know!

...and that's it for now. I might catch some more when I get in the mood again. And no, I'm not going to supply you with a "go back" link or anything, just use the "back" button of your browser, you lazy bum. ;)