FARTS Cameo Appearences

These characters were featured in only one episode and could possibly make it to another one in the future. Some of these are very unlikely to ever return, but I'm keeping the option open.

Name: Mario
Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Profile: 8-bit Mario made the briefest appearance in FARTS 1. The audience didn't like him (big surprise), so Macc blew him away. It's unlikely he'll be seen again, seeing as there's not much left of him, but who knows? This IS FARTS, after all...

Name: Ramuh
Origin: Final Fantasy
Profile: The bearded lightning Esper was one of Rast's summons in FARTS 3. Did he use his awesome mastery of lightning to blow someone away? No! Did he use his infinite wisdom to aid us in the struggle against Dark Macc? No! Did he grab a mop and help out with janitorial duty? Yes!

Name: Maxim
Origin: Lufia & Lufia 2
Profile: In episode 3, Macc summoned the wielder of the Dual Blade, the only sword with which Daos has been known to be defeated, to take care of said Sinistral. But brave sir Daos ran away, so Maxim just ended up standing there doing nothing.

Name: Garland
Origin: Final Fantasy 1
Profile: Remember this guy from way back in Final Fantasy 1? He likes knocking people down, and stuff. He's got a more detailed background story than you'd expect if you played but never finished Final Fantasy 1. And if that is the case, I order you to go do so right now. Not that it will be relevant for FARTS though. Doubt he'll ever do anything but (talking about) knocking people down.

Name: Azala & Black Tyrano
Origin: Chrono Trigger
Profile: Azala was the leader of the Reptites way back in prehistoric times, and the Black Tyrano was some kind of war machine, of which the origins never really became clear to me. It's also unclear how the heck they ended up at the HQ, and why. Just for a silly cameo? Well... yes, actually. Good guess.

Name: Rirse
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: You may have seen this guy hang around at the RPGC webboards, and he's now a member of RPGC himself. A long time ago, he asked to be featured on the show and get killed in the process. Well, he got his wish, more or less...

Name: Bulbasaur
Origin: Pokémon
Profile: One of Ash's Pokémon. He's actually pretty tough. He could evolve at any time, but doesn't seem to want to. Why? Who knows? Maybe he was infected by Ash's Loser Virus.

Name: Dragon Sage
Origin: Acquaintance of Macc's
Profile: Apparently it was this guy's greatest wish to be on my show one day. And well, here he is. Time to look for a new greatest wish. He got so in the spirit of things, he even started the ROITS, the Rip-Off Internet Talk Show.

Name: Drak
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Yet another RPGC staffer (there's a lot around, aren't there?). Seems always ready to help out, even when the odds are against him. Macc seems to be ignoring his offers to help though... Why? This is Macc we're talking about, what makes you think there's a reason?

Name: Mac
Origin: Mega Man X3
Profile: In MMX3, Mac was quite a pitiful adversary. But the Mac that visited the HQ from a parallel universe was extremely powerful. He met his match in Joutei, however. Macc was rather vague about the reasons of his appearance... does he know something he's not telling? Or doesn't he know anything about it at all, and is he just trying to make you all curious? Or maybe this is just another one of those things for which there is no reason...

Name: Golbez
Origin: Final Fantasy IV
Profile: Once a villain, mind-controlled by Zeromus, Golbez now has free will once again, turning away from the side of evil. And yet, somehow, he still always seems to end up doing Zeromus' dirty work for him. Some people just don't have any luck at all.

Name: Sinistral
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Known best for delivering swift punishment to anyone who bugs him, Sinistral can be a bit hot-headed (sometimes more than a bit), but he means well. Great to have on your side, very bad if you're on the opposite side. Often gets into arguments with Merlin over... well, nothing at all, really.

Name: Megaman984
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Most famous for his frequent responses to RPGC's mailbag, he now is part of RPGC's Mailbag Team. Likes to banish people who cross him to pits containing unpleasent things. Is almost always followed around by Energon and Captain O, characters that used to exist only in his head, but have become real somehow. We've all been there, haven't we?

Name: Energon
Origin: Megaman984's head
Profile: Also known as the Lord of Paper Cuts, and for good reason. Always has at least one piece of paper with him for delivering deadly paper cuts to his opponents. Made his first appearance in Megaman984's mailbag responses, acting as commentator for the battle royals. (see: Mailbag Archives)

Name: Captain Obvious
Origin: Megaman984's head
Profile: Just "Captain O" to friends, enjoys nothing more but stand around being all superhero-like, while doing nothing but point it out when something is obvious. Likes o-words in general, and tries to use them almost exclusively.

Name: Rolf
Origin: Phantasy Star II
Profile: Macc's past self, only seen in flashbacks. An investigative agent for the government, and one of many RPG heroes who unwittingly ended up on a quest to save his world from an evil force. All around goodie-two-shoes, who loves Nei like a sister.

Name: Edward
Origin: Final Fantasy IV
Profile: Oh no! Everyone's least favorite spoony bard is back! Thought we were rid of him after all his appearances in the Mailbag? Guess again! He's back alright, as annoying and cowardly as ever. And now that he's here, it's probably going to be hell trying to get rid of him.

Name: Relm
Origin: Final Fantasy VI
Profile: Scourge of Ultros. The experience he had with her in Final Fantasy VI left him traumatised, and now he fears being painted another portrait by her more than anything. Relm, on the other hand, is just an innocent little girl who likes to paint people's portraits. No matter if that means the painting will come alive and attack the person she painted.