Holy crap!

Whoa. Them crazy kids blow stuff up fast!

Meh. I could've done it in half the time, all by myself.

I would've been even faster. I'd just pull the whole town into the Void and...

Will you two shut up already? You lost your ultimate powers when you were defeated, so you couldn't have destroyed this town any faster, if at all. Now, I, on the other hand...

...can't do anything to cause mass destruction because of your contract with Macc, just like the rest of us.

Watch it, squid. Nothing in my contract about not causing you serious bodily harm.

...I'll be good.

I don't see Santa anywhere... looks like we missed him.

Well, guess that means we can all go home now!

Wait a minute, guys. Check this out. *shows the others a business card, which reads: "Cossack Co. For all your communism-promoting needs."*

A red. Figures. I'd say "Finally Santa shows his true colors", but he's always been red to begin with.

...you're red too.

So? I like red. Just because those commies got good tastes in colors doesn't mean I like 'm.

...but you do anyway, right?

Yep! How'd you guess?

*sighs* Well, we're gonna have to stop 'm, of course... Good thing there's an address on the card. In Siberia, that figures.

Siberia? How the heck are we supposed to get way over there?

Mr. T's van is helluva fast, foo!

Indeed. Shouldn't take us more than a couple of minutes. This could be tough, though. Lemme call in some backup... *takes out a mobile phone*

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