Right then... I trust you all know why you're here?




Not a clue.

Beats me.

I dunno.

Of course.

*stare at Zeromus*

...wait, what was the question?

*slaps himself on the forehead* ...you're here because we need to discuss what to do for Christmas.

We have to do something for Christmas? Why?

...we just do, okay? Suggestions, anyone?

Why don't we just show the latest episode and stick in a little bit at the end where we all say "merry Christmas"?

Nah. That's stupid.

That's what we did last year.

I know that's what we did last year. But... I'm not ready to show everyone the next episode just yet. Any other suggestions?

*enters* Jah, jah, jingle all zee way! Jah.

Jah, izza smash hit movie, jah!


Will you two cut it out with the stupid inside jokes already?

I'll take that suggestion under advisement, Darkie.

*whispers to Dark Macc* That means "no".


Rampage, you have any ideas what to do for Christmas?

Uh... put up some Christmas decorations?

I consider the whole HQ one big Christmas decoration already.

Hm... well, we could... save Christmas?


Why not? Everybody's doing it.

Good point... but, wouldn't Christmas have to be in danger first?

I could take care of that. Uwee hee hee!

Thanks, but no thanks.

*appears on a monitor* Macc, I believe there is something on TV you might be interested in.

Is it time for Star Trek already?

Um... no. Well, why don't I just show you... *his image is replaced with that of a jolly-looking old man*

Ho ho ho! Down with capitalism! Ho ho ho! Destroy everything! Ho ho ho!

...what the heck? I'm no expert here, but... isn't Santa supposed to be handing out presents to children instead of inciting them to destroy things in the name of anti-capitalism?

Yes, he is. It appears someone brainwashed poor old saint Nick and is making him commit acts of evil! We have to find out who is behind this and get Santa back to normal to save Christmas!

Gee. How convenient.

It is, isn't it? Now then... to the Macc Mobile!

There's a Macc Mobile?

There is now. Mr. T vanished, but his van's still here.

Cool! We get to ride in Mr. T's van? That rocks!

But Macc, I thought you didn't have a driver's license.

Details, details...

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