So you're sure there's no one around?


I have to admit, I'm impressed. I didn't think you could pull it off. What did you do?

Me? Nothing. It's taco day at the commissary.

Oh yeah, right... how could I forget?

Because you're...

I would think very carefully before finishing that sentence, Ultros.

Ummm... you know what? Skip it.

Right. Now then, we should probably get to the set to put the plan in motion.

Okay, I'll call the elevator.

No, don't! I saw this movie where the bad guys trapped the elevator, and...

You'd rather take the stairs to the 38th floor?

...let's take the elevator.

Okay, while we're waiting for the elevator, I have one question for you guys. Why the heck couldn't you show some initiative and stand up to Dark Macc?

Same reason we don't stand up to you.

My charismatic personality?

No, the contract.

You have a contract with him too?

Well, I don't really get it myself, but he was saying something about him and you being the same person or something, so the contract you have with us is also valid for him. He sounded pretty convincing, especially when he aimed that big laser cannon at me.

I really hate this evil-twin-but-not-quite-evil-twin-because-it's-actually-my-evil-side-personified business, it gets so confusing.

What's taking this elevator so long? I could've run all the way up the stairs in the mean time.

Then why didn't you?

There was nothing scary around to properly motivate me.

Hey, look, it's a rat!

Ahhhhhhh! *runs up the stairs*

That was mean, Macc.

No, seriously, there really is a rat there, see?

Oh yeah, whaddaya know. I guess Dark Macc's too cheap to hire an exterminator.

That's okay, so am I. Oh, one more thing before we go up... Nu, deactivate cloaking device and return!

*becomes visible, then disappears into a Pokéball*

...I know better than to ask, but... what was that all about?

Well, I needed my Nu-camera outside, but inside this place are so many cameras, I should be able to piece together enough footage to give the viewers at home a good representation of...

Okay, okay! Never mind, sorry I asked...

Heh... I think it would be best if you don't question the logic of all this too much. Because there isn't any.

As usual.

Ah, looks like the elevator's finally here. *enters the elevator*

It's about time. *enters the elevator and presses "38" with one of his tentacles*

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