Hey, wait a minute, this is already the tune we were going to play when the guest comes out! Wasn't there supposed to be some nonsensical banter before we brought in the first guest?

(over the intercom) Originally, yes. But I edited it out. Now, continue!

You what? But I...

(over the intercom) I SAID CONTINUE!


*aside to Macc* See, I told you we should have had Mr. T throw him out a long time ago.

(over the intercom) Either you've failed to realise you have a microphone pinned on your chest, or you're even dumber than you look, Darkie.

...aw, crap.

Okay, okay, fine, we'll skip ahead to the first guest. Please welcome Tiros!



Yeah, I heard you the first time, but who /is/ he? I never heard of anyone named Tiros.

Well, you'll see him when he comes out, won't you? ...which should be now. Ummm...

...why am I even holding these cue cards? You guys are making everything up anyway!

And you only noticed that just now?

I only started holding the cue cards the way I was supposed to just now.

(over the intercom) *groan*

Well I hate to say I told you so Vegeta, but I told you so... rehearsals just don't work for FARTS. Especially not when the guests don't even show up. Where the heck is Tiros?

But at that very moment, there's a flash of lightning, followed by a clap of thunder...

Hm? What now?

Ahhh! Lightning! We're all going to die! *runs away*

...followed by rain. Lots and lots of rain.

What the... oh crap, the repairs to the roof weren't finished yet!

Dammit... I guess you could say it never rains but it pours.

Quit punning and start running! *runs for cover*

But I feel as right as rain!

I said stop it!

Okay, fine, fine... *runs for cover* ...I'll take a rain check.


Ahhh... finally, peace and quiet. I love rain. I really don't see why everyone... *is struck by lightning* ...ouch.

(over the intercom) *sound of head hitting metal multiple times*

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