The commissary... a nice place to relax in between shows, have a snack... or play some poker.

Well then, I'll see your twenty, and I'll raise you another twenty.

Oh, now I KNOW you're bluffing.

Am I, Spoony? Am I? What do you think, Zero?

...dammit, that plate in front of your face makes it so hard to tell. Perfect poker-face. ...forget it, I'm not taking the chance. I fold.

Sound judgement, Z. And what does our guest of honor think?

Bluffing is you. I am the see twenty and raising fifty.

Whoa ho ho there!

Damn! That's too much for me, I'm out.

So, you think you've got me beat now do ya? Here's your fifty, show me what you got!

All your ace are belong to us.

...damn it all! That's the last time I invite over an evil alien warlord for a poker game.

(over the intercom) Blue Boy! You better not forget about the show this time!

Yeah yeah yeah, don't worry, I won't. Relax, there's still a couple of hours until the show. Plenty of time to...

(over the intercom) Well I've got news for you! From now on, we'll be doing rehearsals!

Say what?

(over the intercom) You heard me! And we're starting right now! Get your worthless blue carcass over to the set, now!

*sigh* Great. Just great. Well, seeya later guys. Gotta go. *disappears*

Well, I don't think I'll continue this game either. I've never seen a guy more lucky than Cats.

Neither have I. But I guess you would have to be pretty lucky to be thrown from your spaceship towards the earth by Mr. T and survive.

Yeah, good point. C'mon, let's get outta here.

Ha ha ha ha... a winner is me.

Bah, we'll clean you out next time.

That's right, just being you the wait until... hey! Stopping that!

Sorry. Tempting be it for too much.

I still are not the understand why Macc letting keeps that ability by you. *sigh*

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