In the commissary...

Well, show's not going too bad so far, huh? first guest turned out to be a fraud and got blown through the roof.

Yeah, that's what I said, right?

I think what Rampage is trying to say is that this is exactly the sort of thing that gets ratings.

Huh? Oh, that too, I guess. I just like seeing people get blown through the roof.

Heh... well, you do have point. It's pretty shocking, really. Been a while since the show started off this well.

As long as the ratings are good... that guy sure didn't serve any other purpose.

Was he supposed to?

Of course he was! Why do you think this show's theme is "beings with god-like powers"? I'm inviting them so that I can observe their weaknesses, defeat them, and become the strongest in the world! What's the challenge if they turn out to be weaklings?

Er, right... if you say so.

I do say so, and as usual what I say goes! Be sure you're back onstage in time, Blue Boy.

Sure thing, Veggie.

And don't call me Veggie! *flies off*

Wow. You got away with calling him that without a pummeling.

Heh, yeah... I think he's beginning to like me.

(through the intercom) If you think that, you better think again!

Whoops. Ehehe...

Hey, Macc. I heard the roof got blown off again. You should have that reinforced.

Good idea, Merlin. Guess you better begin the preparations.

...I should probably stop making suggestions which will only cause me to have to do more work. *sighs* So, how's the show otherwise?

It's going pretty well, actually. I wonder if people'll be able to handle a show that actually goes largely as planned.

It'll be fine, I'm sure.

Yeah, you're right. Plenty of time left for something to go wrong.

...That's not really what I meant, but I guess you've got a point.

For example, I haven't seen the Terrible Trio all day. Do you know where they are?

Nope, sorry.


Outside, on a bluff overlooking the HQ, the evil threesome is working on a large cannon-like contraption...

Are you still not done yet?

Patience, Kefka... this welding job requires extreme precision.

Do we have any more hammers? I swallowed mine. Again.

*slaps himself on the forehead* Idiots! Will you get this thing operational already?

Here's another hammer, Zeromus. Try not to gnaw on it this time.


*sighs* Calm down, kefka... soon, the Super Mega Ultima Death Cannon of Doom and Destruction will be completed, and then...

Come back here!

Nu! Nu nu!

Silence! You are interrupting my monologue!

Sorry mister, but I can't let this rare new type of Pokémon I discovered get away! Pokéball, go! *throws a pokéball at Nu*

Nu! *ducks, and the pokéball hits the cannon*

My beautiful Super Mega Ultima Death Cannon of Doom and Destruction! You dented it, you son of a submariner!

Errr... I'm sorry?

Ice 3!

Ahhh! *is frozen solid*

Nuuuu! *flees*


Phew... lucky break.

Yeah, he could've broken something.

Don't be absurd. The Super Mega Ultima Death Cannon of Doom and Destruction is indestructable! Uwee hee...

BOOOOOOM! The cannon explodes, sending Kefka, Exdeath and Zeromus flying through the air.

Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

Er, James? We're not blasting off. Nothing happened to us. You do know that, right?

Yeah, I know, but it just feels so good to say!


Nuuuu! *runs by*

A rare new type of Pokémon! *run after Nu*

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