So, how long has he been like this?

About thirty minutes, I think.

*waves a hand in front of Macc* Hey, doofus! It's almost time for the show to start!


I told you, he doesn't respond to anything at all. I don't think there's anything that could snap him out of whatever trance he's in.

Is that a fact? Watch and learn. Hey Macc, want some lemon juice?

*blinks* Lemon juice? Don't mind if I do!

...I stand corrected.

You can't. You don't have any legs to stand on.

Argh! It's so easy to point out my shortcomings, even Gilgamesh can do it!

Heh heh, yup! ...wait, was that an insult?

Uh, guys? My lemon juice?

There isn't any.

A lie, huh? That's so you, getting my hopes up and all, only to...

Actually, this time I only did it to wake you up. You were spacing out. Can't have that when the show's about to start.

Oh! Sorry about that.

You sure are preoccupied lately... don't let it interfere with your job.

Why Darkie, I didn't know you cared.

I care only because Vegeta will have both our heads if the ratings start dropping.

*through the intercom* You better believe I will! Right, no more delays, the show begins now! Start talking, Blue Boy!

Oh, er... ahem, yes. Greetings everyone, and welcome to the show! I can't believe we're still going after all that's happened in the past, but apparently neither me only doing these shows few and far between nor the shows never going as planned is enough to stop you from watching. In fact, Vegeta tells me it's only made the show more popular. I don't see how that works, but it's fine by me!

Can we get on with this already?

...and here's my co-host, the lovely Dark Macc. Give him a hand, folks. *audience applauds*

...that's the first time I actually got applause. I must be losing my touch.

I suppose it's only natural when our little contract prevents you from causing any kind of mass destruction.

Do you have to keep rubbing that in?

Yes. And over here we have our inexplicably popular band leader, Ultros!

Don't hurt me!

A little paranoid there, are we?

It's not paranoia when everyone really is out to get you!

Heh. Good point. Right then... ...Gilgamesh, what are you doing here?

Holding up cue cards, of course!

Didn't I tell you you don't have to do that anymore? Vegeta decided to just let us make up our own lines, since we always end up not actually following the script anyway.

Yeah, I know.

...so why are still holding up cue cards?

'cause it's fun!

...right. Okay then, let's bring out the first guest. Ultros...

Ahhh! *jumps out the window*

... What's his problem?

Erhmm... Ultros has been a bit jumpy lately. He's been having hallucinations of weights falling on him and the like.

I see... I guess there's a certain irony in fearing pain so much, you end up causing it to yourself. Guess I'll just have to change the music myself then. Unfortunately, I don't have the song I'd like to use for this guest, so this'll have to do...

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