Hi there, and welcome to FARTS! Today we...

Whoa, whoa. Who the hell are you? Where's Macc?

Oh. Heh. Hi, you must be Ultros. I'm Rantasm. I'm the guest host.

Nice to meet you, Rantasm!

Guest host? I've never even heard of you. You a new RPGC staff member?

Um...well, no.

Then who are you?

Uh...I'm....a...friend of Macc's! Yeah, that's the ticket!

I don't recall Macc ever mentioning you. I don't recall him mentioning any guest host today, either.

Well, obviously you didn't read the memo.

What memo?

The one you didn't read. Now then, let's get down to business...

Meanwhile, deep in the HQ's basement...

Why does this always happen.....?

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