Attack... Of The Bunny-Rhobite Empire

At the FARTS set....

Macc: Hello, everyone! Welcome to another FARTS episode!
Vegeta: Don't you DARE let anything ruin today's show!
Macc: Don't worry! I had Seifer, Sephiroth, and Kuja clean up the commissary!
Vegeta: They better have, Macc. They better have.
Macc: Anyways, let's get started, Ultros, music!
Ultros: Right!

*nothing plays*

Macc: Uh, Ultros, why isn't anything playing?
Ultros: I don't know.....
Vegeta: What's going on down there?! Why isn't anything playing?!
Gilgamesh: *notices the severed cord for the music machine* Hey! The cord's severed!
Ultros: What kind of demon would do such a thing?!

*a small, shadowy creature sneaks away*

Macc: Great, what more can go wrong?

*the lights go out*

Macc: I had to ask.
Vegeta: We can't have a FARTS show with no power! And if we can't have a FARTS show, I don't get money! I demand to know what the hell's going on!

*suddenly, the power comes back on, disco lights shoot out everywhere, and an upbeat pop rock tune plays. Two spotlights point to an FF6 Rhobite with a gold crown on its head. It is sitting in a large, golden throne being carried by several FF6 Leafers. A Secret of Mana Rabbite hops out from behind the throne, wearing a turban on its head*

Rabbite: By order of the high and greatly esteemed King Rhobite, we, the Bunny-Rhobite Empire, lay siege to this HQ!
Macc: Why is my HQ such a popular target for conquest?
Rabbite: Someone put a "This Place Available For Conquest! Get Free Food At The Commissary!" sign outside the building. We answered.
Macc: Dark Macc..... *glares at Dark Macc*
Dark Macc: I did it on a dare.
King Rhobite: As the new ruler of this building, I, the Great and Powerful King Rhobite, hereby evict all of you!
Macc: You can't do that!!!
Rabbite: Oh, yes he can! He's the King, after all!
Macc: *snaps fingers* Dammit, he's right.
King Rhobite: *hops off his throne and onto the table* Yes. Now out! *presses his little paw on the "Eject" button on Macc's desk. Suddenly, Macc, Dark Macc, Vegeta, Ultros, and Gilgamesh are launched out of the building*
Macc+DM+Vegeta+Ultros+Gilgamesh: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
King Rhobite: Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Now, my furry minions, start conquering the place!

Mysidia, 3 days later.... hey! Who are you?! Ack! I'm scared of rabbits! Get away! No! What are you gonna do with that carrot?! No! No! AAAAAAAHH!

Macc: This sucks! We've been banished from our own HQ for three days by the weakest enemies of SOM and FF6 and we STILL haven't come up with a plan to get it back!
Ultros: Remember when we got the HQ back from Dark Macc? That wasn't too hard!
Dark Macc: Hey! *blasts Ultros*
Ultros: Yeowch! Seafood soup!
Macc: And what about all the others at the commissary? What will those rabbits do to them?

Meanwhile, at the commissary.....
Cloud: *bound and tied up in the corner* Hey! Don't you dare shed on my mike!
I'll shed if I want to, pathetic human! Anyway, meanwhile, at the commissary.....

*Celes, Kefka, Ex-Death, Zeromus, Kuja, Sephiroth, Seifer, and CATS are standing up on a table, surrounded by Leafers*

Ex-Death: Ehh.... Keep 'em away! I hate herbivores!
Kefka: And their numbers are still increasing! How is this possible?!
Kuja: Must be the multiplying thing... *turns around* Hey! Leggo of my tail! *shakes a Leafer off his tail*
Seifer: I feel like such a chicken-wuss up here....
CATS: Maybe sacrifice we send for them, leave us alone they may.
Kefka: Well that leaves Ex-Death. He's the only plant we have.
Ex-Death: Hey!

*King Rhobite enters, carried on his throne by several of his Leafer minions*

King Rhobite: Soooo.... this is the commissary mentioned on the sign. Where's the free food?

Meanwhile, high in the sky.....

*Macc and co. are flying an airship, with the World of Ruin Airship music playing*
Macc: Good thing we stole- umm... borrowed this airship, or we may never be able to storm the HQ!
Ultros: Are you sure it was a good idea to steal this thing from AtmaWeapon?
Macc: Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mind! Besides, if he catches us, I'll just tell him it was your idea!
Ultros: Somehow that doesn't bring me much comfort.
Gilgamesh: We're here!
Macc: Right! We're going in!

*the airship descends*

Vegeta: It's time we break into King Rhobite's (stolen) domain! I can't wait to fry some cute furry animals!
*Ultros looks upset*
Gilgamesh: What's wrong, Ultros?
Ultros: Rabbit-like enemies are known as some of the weakest RPG villains! If we kill them....
Macc: Beginning heroes won't be able to level up easily....
Dark Macc: So?
Vegeta: All that matters is getting our HQ back. I don't get paid if we don't have an HQ to receive money at.

*goes to a party-organizing screen*

Macc: Wait a sec, why are we splitting up? *screen disappears*

*all of them jump off, and they land on the roof, Kefka's Tower music plays*

Ultros: Hey! Someone's using my sound station! I'll make them pay!
Macc: To the stairs!

*the group heads down the stairs, and pass the commissary door. The Kefka's Tower music stops*

Macc: Wait a sec! I hear voices!
Vegeta: *turns Super-Saiyan* I'm gonna blow those stupid rodents into the next dimension!
Gilgamesh: I'm ready.... No, wait, I'm not... *runs away*
Ultros: Can I leave too?
Macc: No. We need some cannon fodder.
Ultros: Crap.
Macc: You go first. *opens the door and shoves Ultros in*
Ultros: Hey! *comes face-to-face with millions of Leafers. Celes, Kefka, Ex-Death, CATS, Zeromus, Kuja, Sephiroth, and Seifer are nowhere to be seen* Holy sh*t!!!!
King Rhobite: Since you came in first, I suppose you must be in charge of some kind of resistance group! Guards! Kill the octopus!
*the Leafers hop towards Ultros, carrying guns shaped like carrots*
Ultros: Uh-oh.....

Moments later....

Macc: How do you think he's doing?
Dark Macc: Judging from the screams of pain, I'd say not very well....

*the door opens, Ultros wobbles out, covered with carrot juice and little chew marks*

Ultros: The horror.... the horror...... *collapses*
Vegeta: I've had enough of this foolishness! *bursts through the door, lots of fighting is heard, and Vegeta is tossed out, some of his hair has been chewed off, and his armor is stained with carrot juice* Im.. impossible! How can the Saiyan Prince be beaten by mere rabbits?! *passes out*
Macc: I guess that leaves us.
Dark Macc: (sarcastically) Whoopie.

*the two enter the commissary. Apparently Vegeta managed to wipe a few of the Leafers out, but not enough. King Rhobite glares at the Maccs*

King Rhobite: So, you've come back to reclaim your HQ, eh? Let's see you handle this! Super-Ultra-Presto-Ultra-Bunny-Transform-O! *a glass shield covers the seat part of King Rhobite's throne, and all the Leafers hop over to King Rhobite and climb all over his throne, they melt and merge into the form of a gigantic, furry, greyish-white humanoid made entirely of Leafers, with King Rhobite in his shielded throne as the "head"*
King Rhobite: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Time to discipline the naughty robot! Attack! *millions of mouths open on one of the massive, ball-shaped "hands" of the creature, and they fire carrot juice at Macc*
Rabbite: *holding cheerleader pompoms* Go King Rhobite! He's the best! He can and will squash all the rest!
Dark Macc: Oh, shut up. *blasts the Rabbite*
Rabbite: KING RHOOOOOOOBIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!! *disintegrates*
Macc: This is for evicting me from my HQ! *fires a blast, but it barely fazes the monster* Dammit! *the monster stomps toward Macc and grabs him with a bunch of incisor-filled mouths*
King Rhobite: You cannot beat the Bunny-Rhobite Empire! *Macc begins to glow, causing the monster to release him*
Macc: *transforms into Mirai Macc*
King Rhobite: What the-?!
Mirai Macc: *speaks Japanese* (subtitle: Prepare to be beaten) *blurs past the giant monster, and suddenly, all the Leafers become whole and fall off in a heap, dead. King Rhobite's throne then comes plummeting down due to having nothing to hold it up*
King Rhobite: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! *his throne crashes, causing the glass shield to break, and King Rhobite rolls helplessly out of his throne at Mirai Macc's feet. Mirai Macc picks him up by the ears*

*Celes and co. come out of a nearby closet*

Celes: Is it safe now?
Sephiroth: Are all those creepy rabbits dead?
*Mirai Macc reverts back to Macc*
Macc: All but one....
King Rhobite: Aaah! No! Don't kill me! Please!
Macc: Actually, I have something much worse planned for you....

Later..... Hey! How'd you escape? No! Not the sword! No! AAAAAAHHH! *sounds of Cloud's sword cleaving a Leafer in half*
Cloud: Anyways in another part of the HQ......

Kunoichi: Macc? What the hell are you doing here?
Macc: *holds out a package tied with ribbon* A little present. You were the only one we figured would want it....
Kunoichi: *opens it revealing a certain rhobite who now, instead of a crown, is wearing a sickeningly pink baby bonnet* AWWWW! It's soooo cute! *picks up the rhobite and cradles it* Who's a widdle bunny? *pokes the rhobite's nose* You are! You are!
King Rhobite: Help meeeeee!!!! This is no way to treat royalty!!!!!
Kunoichi: *cuddles him* Awww, you're such a cute little thing!
Macc: Ick. I better end this episode before this sickening sweetness creeps me out too much....