Right then, with the hotdog issue solved...

It wasn't solved, I never got my hotdog.

Oh shut up before Ultros gets hurt.

Why am I always the one getting hurt?

Because, you just are. *Throws one of the chairs at Ultros*


... Maybe I shoulda thrown something heavier. Oh well, next guest! ... Wha'da ya mean the next guest cancelled? Ahie! I can't work like this! ... Oh wait, I got it! *Walks off stage for a few moments*

... Everyone! It's Ultros! Let's give him a great big hug, anda kiss too! *A stampede of little kids run onto the stage after Ultros*

Ahh! Why me... I would've rather been dropped down a hole! *Runs around the stage, being chased by little kids*

*Walks back on stage, and takes her seat again* That can be arranged. *Pushes a button, and Ultros and all the little kids fall down a hole* Ehehe... Welp, now it's time for a break! We'll get back to you in a few minutes! Enjoy the commercials... that is, if commericials were enjoyable.

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