So you want to make your own Fan FARTS? Go for it! However, if you want to get it showcased here, it will have to comply with some directions, namely:

1) Don't take any characters previously featured in FARTS grossly out of character in any way.
2) Don't interfere with the existing FARTS storyline. Fan FARTS storylines should be completely seperate from what's going on in the actual FARTS. But I'm sure you can be more creative than just playing off my ideas, right?
3) Speaking of which, make sure there's at least some form of storyline. Doesn't have to be anything complex, just make sure there's at least some small semblance of order in the chaos.
4) About self-insertion: on the whole, it's fine with me. There's just a couple of "don'ts". a) Don't make yourself some kind of all-powerful god-like being compared to the rest of the crew. This is about telling a humorous story, not boosting your own ego. b) Don't take over the job of any of the existing characters. Yeah, I know some of the submissions violate that rule, but Kai had my permission (she was very... um... convincing) and I let Rantasm get away with it simply because I hadn't made this statement before it was made. But I have now, so no more of that, please.

...that's all I can think of right now. Other than that, use your common sense to judge what's acceptable and what isn't. You can use whatever characters have appeared in FARTS you like, and cameo any RPG characters who haven't been in it yet. Although RPG characters are preferred, I probably won't make a huge fuss if you choose to include other video game/anime characters too.

Now, before you start, there's two acceptable formats for a Fan FARTS. The simplest way is plain text: You write the script in a text-only format, and send that to me. If you do this, I'll keep it (largely) in its original form, without adding pictures or music or anything.

The second way is to write it like an actual FARTS, including pictures, and, if you want, music. For this, you'll have to do the following:

* Write the story in HTML format, including the pictures and music yourself. Just view the source of any FARTS page if you don't know how to do this.
* Make sure the pictures are in a subfolder called "images", and any music should go in a subfolder called "media", just like in an actual FARTS.
* When you're done, make a zip of all HTML files, including your images subfolder and, if you used music, your media subfolder, and send that to me.
* In the e-mail you send me, also tell me if you used any images or music that hasn't been used in FARTS before, and if so, exactly which they are.

Maybe that sounds a bit complicated, but that's the way it has to be. If you don't think you can do that, you'll have to stick with a text submission. Let me be absolutely clear on this - I'm not going to look for any pictures or music for you, nor will I do the HTML work. Yeah, maybe I am a bit strict about it, but it's supposed to be your creation, so it only makes sense that you do the work for it, doesn't it?

Well, I hope this whole speech hasn't caused you to lose your motivation. If you're still interested in doing a Fan FARTS, then I guess I'll be seeing an e-mail from you soon! But first, if you haven't already, check out the Fan FARTS page for some examples of good submissions.