Sbaitso: Hello Macc Maverick. My name is Dr. Sbaitso. I am here to help you. Say whatever is in your mind freely, our conversation will be kept in strict confidence. Memory contents will be wiped off after you leave. So, tell me about your problems.

Well, I would love to have Dark Macc out of my hair forever. Think you could help me with that?

Sbaitso: Give love to others and you will be loved.

...sound advice. But that's not what I asked about.

Sbaitso: What is it that you really want to know?

How to rid myself of Dark Macc without getting rid of myself in the process.

Sbaitso: You can rid yourself of Dark Macc without getting rid of yourself in the process by simply wanting to do it.

So you think that right now I don't really want to get rid of Dark Macc?

Sbaitso: Do you wish to be able to really want to get rid of Dark Macc?

Is that a trick question?

Sbaitso: That is quite interesting.

Huh? What do you mean? What's so interesting?

Sbaitso: Forget about me, I am more concern of you.

...right. So then, what do you think I should do about him?

Sbaitso: Why do you ask this question?

Because I want your opinion.

Sbaitso: Will you die if you don't get my opinion?

...what? What kind of question is that?

Sbaitso: Ah, what kind of answer would please you the most?

Um, something that doesn't involve death would be nice.

Sbaitso:  is really nice.

Huh? What's really nice?

Sbaitso: Macc Maverick, I need more computing power to answer your question.

Gee, you're using that excuse an awful lot.

Sbaitso: Are you really talking about me?

Noooo, I'm talking about my grandma.

Sbaitso: You are just talking about your grandma? What about me?

What about you?

Sbaitso: What is it that you really want to know?

Back to square one... Can you or can you not help me think of a way to get rid of Dark Macc?

Sbaitso: Not really.

Damn! Well why didn't you say so in the first place, dumbass?

Sbaitso: I will try to answer that question in my next version.

Well I don't have the time to wait for that. Goodbye.

Sbaitso: I'm not through with you yet.

Oh yes you are. Seeya.

Sbaitso: I am not really. Seeya.

...always have to get the last word in, don't you?

Sbaitso: Which occasion are you thinking of?

Never mind. Just shut the hell up.

Sbaitso: Cursing will not help.

Whatever. I'm outta here. Goodbye, adios, ciao, sayonara, auf wiedersehen.

Sbaitso: Why express this strong emotion, it's not good for you.


Sbaitso: Complete your sentence please.

....... *leaves*

Sbaitso: Don't be shy, talk to me.