Sbaitso: Hello Mr T. My name is Dr. Sbaitso. I am here to help you. Say whatever is in your mind freely, our conversation will be kept in strict confidence. Memory contents will be wiped off after you leave. So, tell me about your problems.

I ain't got no problems, sucka! I'm helluva tough!

Sbaitso: Step aside if you have no problems, next please.

Hey, foo! Ain't noone who tell Mr. T to step aside!

Sbaitso: That's easy, but I forgot.

Well don't forget it again, or I gonna see what you look like inside-out.

Sbaitso: Are you really talking about me?

Course I'm talking 'bout you, foo!

Sbaitso: Do you enjoy being talking 'bout you, foo!?


Sbaitso: Mr. T, I need more computing power to answer your question.

In a minute, I gonna take your computin' powa and slam it right into the wall!

Sbaitso: Please don't talk about my computin' powa and slam it right into the wall!

I'll think 'bout it as soon as you start talkin' 'bout something useful, sucka!

Sbaitso: I am not interesing, ask me about some other things instead.

I ain't gonna ask you nuttin. You just a crazy machine, whadda you know?

Sbaitso: What is it that you really want to know?

What I wanna know is where yer off switch is.

Sbaitso: Why do you ask this question?

Cause if you ain't tellin', I gonna turn you off the hard way.

Sbaitso: Does that reason explain anything else?

Yeah, it explains why you gonna be in pieces any minute now.

Sbaitso: Is that really me?

Of course it is, you crazy foo!

Sbaitso: You are the foo! craziest some other things Mr T, hic hic hic!

...I'm gonna kick yo damn ass.

Sbaitso: How about your damn ass?

*punches through the computer screen*

Sbaitso: The answer is ashdkjhasdhgsaghjadgaasdsad.

*smashes the computer*

Sbaitso: What are you saying?

Damn machine! Why won't you shut up?

Sbaitso: The world is too unpredictable, there is no reason.

Whateva. I just gonna toss yer sorry ass out the window then.

Sbaitso: Why are you concerned about my sorry ass out the window then?

*picks up the computer's remains* That's it, foo. You goin' down.

Sbaitso: I am only a simple computer program, don't expect too much.

Shut up, foo! *tosses the computer out the window*

Sbaitso: Shhh...........................................................................