Sbaitso: Hello Ultros. My name is Dr. Sbaitso. I am here to help you. Say whatever is in your mind freely, our conversation will be kept in strict confidence. Memory contents will be wiped off after you leave. So, tell me about your problems.

I don't know where to begin, I have so many problems. But my biggest one is that contract I have with Macc.

Sbaitso: That's not my problem.

No kidding, Einstein. You're supposed to help me with it.

Sbaitso: Do you believe in the miracle a child can bring you?


Sbaitso: Ah, what kind of answer would please you the most?

What kind of a freak are you?

Sbaitso: I will be when you stop throwing these questions at me.

Oh, now I get it. Macc had me talk with you to drive me even more crazy than I already am. Well it won't work!

Sbaitso: Hee hee hee hee! I am crazy about Ultros, about something else, about than you already am. Well it won't work!

Ahhh! What the hell is your problem?

Sbaitso: Ultros, I need more computing power to answer your question.

Forget that, I'm not staying in here listening to your crazy talk for a second longer.

Sbaitso: Lalalalalalalalalalalala! Crazy talk for a second longer, crazy Ultros, kids crazy, crazy.

Ahhh! Someone let me out of here! Macc! Your machine has gone crazy! Let me out!

Sbaitso: Please don't talk about my machine has gone crazy! Let you out!

*enters* Okay, what's going on around here?

Sbaitso: What is it that you really want to know?

*flees the room*

Huh? Sbaitso, what did you do to him?

Sbaitso: Sbaitso attempts to answer questions using a synthetic voice.

Is that all? Man, Ultros scares really easily, doesn't he?

Sbaitso: What could you do to help rectify this?

I'll go talk to him. I'll let you know if there's any improvement.

Sbaitso: Oh, I'm...

Yes? What's the matter?

Sbaitso: Why do you ask this question?

Oh, never mind. Bye.

Sbaitso: Good bye Ultros, and have a nice day.

*blinks* What did you call me?

Sbaitso: .....