Sbaitso: Hello Zero. My name is Dr. Sbaitso. I am here to help you. Say whatever is in your mind freely, our conversation will be kept in strict confidence. Memory contents will be wiped off after you leave. So, tell me about your problems.

Hi, I'll go straight at it then... for some creepy reason, people imagine that I got a thing for X, or I'm a girl.

Sbaitso: I am amused that you are a girl.

WHAAAAAT! I AM NOT! Why can't nobody see I'm a GUY!

Sbaitso: You are what you are, Zero.

NOOOOOOO! You stupid piece of medical equipment! Do a check dammit, you'll see! I am NOT a girl!

Sbaitso: You are just not a girl? What about me?

I am not going there, no way, nadda, zilch, X-nay on me trying to guess.

Sbaitso: You wanted to be not going there, no way, nadda, zilch, X-nay on you trying to guess so that you can talk to me?

Sbaitso: Please type in complete sentences.

Can't you tell me how to get people not to think I'm a girl or I would have a "thing" for X?

Sbaitso: I'll have to research that one.

How long will it take?

Sbaitso: Do such questions often come to your mind?

No, only when time is referenced to.

Sbaitso: Why do you think you feel this way?

Feel? I feel time like everyone else, except for a few distortions during classes.

Sbaitso: Tell me more about such feelings.

No thanks, my main concern of my visit has nothing to do with time distortions, maybe some other time.

Sbaitso: Why the uncertain tone?

Nothing of the sort here, I am sure... so, why do people mistake me for a girl?

Sbaitso: I can't remember.

Jeez, you're always the helpful type arentcha?

Sbaitso: Which occasion are you thinking of?

Right now, you're not being of any help, want me to repeat the question?

Sbaitso: The best help is to help yourself.

I can see that, you lousy piece of advice that you are...well, maybe you're good for something, try this on your system sometime: rm *-r.

Sbaitso: Thank you, does it show?

You can bet your sorry 286 on it.

Sbaitso: How about your sorry 286 on it?

Hey, I'm the one giving out the insults here, I got much better than that sorry piece of an excuse for hardware.

Sbaitso: Please don't apologise, Zero.

Alright, duely noted, you 16 pin RAM using contraption.

Sbaitso: We were discussing about you, not me.

Fine are you ever going to tell me how to make people understand the fact I am not a girl?

Sbaitso: Have you ever tried to make people understand the fact you are not a girl?

If the simple solution worked this easily I wouldn't be here, so I need something else.

Sbaitso: Yes, sometimes I would also like something else.

Then, can you look the other way for a moment?

Sbaitso: Do you want me to be able to look the other way for a moment?


Sbaitso: So, what is your problem?

That's it, I'm outta here. *walks away and slams the door*

Sbaitso: I didn't know that you can be outta here.