Here are the current statistics of the FARTS character resemblance test!

Total number of people who've taken the test so far (and filled in the e-mail box): 320

*    The most frequent #1 match is Celes, who was at the top of people's list 44 times.
- Following just behind is Macc Maverick, who was in the top spot 36 times.

*    Team Rocket is most frequently at the bottom of people's list, a total of 45 times.
- Also not very popular is Zeromus, who hit rock bottom 37 times.

*    Averaging the results, the people who took this test most of all resemble Celes, with 5.71%.
- SpoonyBard is a close second, at 5.53%.

*    Cats has proven to be the most unique, with a personality resemblance factor of only 2.30%.
- People aren't very much like Zeromus either, the score for his personality is 2.67%.

If you want to see exactly how everyone ranks, check out the full match results table.

Random fun factoids about the people who took this test:

* 35.31% of them are evil, or at least think they are. (113 people in total)
* 175 people would be cast off the Bridge of Death if they said their favorite color was blue.
* 66 people claim to be able to lift Lavos over their heads. Yeah, right. Sure you are.
* 36.25% likes Pokémon. (116 people)
* Furthermore, 49 people were too embarassed to admit it and voted "No Preference" to the Pokémon question. ;)
* 114 people don't like lemons, and 110 people don't even care about me... ;_;