Art Commissions

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.:

What way do you want it coloured?
Markers (Copic)
Markers (Prismacolour)
Coloured Pencils (Prismacolour)
Extra - Markers airbrushed
Any combination.

Note: You can have it just inked or a pencil sketch if you want, and I may use pastels, or white ink or something like that along with the picture. How much extra airbrushing costs depends on the picture.

Characters name (NOTE: There will be a small extra fee for more characters. Please list the characters gender here if there is two or more)

Characters Gender

Short description of Personality

Eye colour and basic shape. (Oval, square, etc. Big, wincing/skinny, etc.)

Description of hair. (Colour, style, etc.)

Everything else, like the pose, and if you want a background (describe the background). Backgrounds also cost extra 'cause I'm lazy. Please say if it you just want it inked or a pencil sketch here, too.

Please say if this is an art trade or commission. And if you will be paying with neopoints, or real money, or begging. If you have a picture of the character, include the URL here or that you will be e-mailing me it.

Afterwards I will send you a guess of a price, and you can tell me if you want it or not. With a CG, you will be mailed the original inked copy, and e-mailed or AIMed the high-quality .jpg. You will not get any of this until I receive the payment. The sketch will be shown to you before it is inked. If you are begging/requesting a picture without the idea of paying, I will only e-mail you telling you if I will do it or not. Then, I will draw it when I get the time, and you will get no originals or a sketch before it's inked. With an Art Trade, I will e-mail you back with what I want. If you weren't clear enough in the description, I will e-mail you telling you what I need to know more of. E-mail me with any other questions.


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