Hi! Welcome to the Links page! I'm Link!

Whatcha talkin' about, shorty? I'm Link!

You're both wrong! I'm Link!

You can't be Link! I'm Link!

Knock it off, guys! Let's talk links already, shall we?

I thought we were...

The other kind of links!


Well, sure! I'll start! Ragnarok III's site has a lot of stuff similar to ARGH and FARTS, so check it out!

There's a lot of those sites around though... I mean, this one was inspired by Mysidia.

Yep! And there's also some that were inspired by this site, like Orakio's Get Wise and Dragon Sage's ROITS.

I guess you could say the circle is complete!

Huh? Why?

*sighs* Never mind...


Right, right, on with more links. Here's some of Macc's favorite webcomics! There's the drawn comics Adventurers!, RPG World, and Bruno the Bandit, and the sprite-based comics Bob and George, 8-bit Theatre, and Online Life! He's even a character in the last one himself, so you know it has to be good!


Heh... well, I think that's everything, right?

Not quite, you forgot about Kai's pages!

Oh yeah... she has a lot, doesn't she?

I'll say. There's her current comic/picture site, the previous one, her main site before that one, and her CG page, and then she has yet more pages with her favorite drawings, and some of her paintings!

Wow... that is a lot.


What are you snickering about?

Look what I found.


Aw, that's cute!

Cute or not, I didn't give you permission to mention that one!


Oh yeah? Let's see how you like this! Get him!


Eep! Dark Link! *flees*

That wasn't very nice...

Well, he asked for it.

Hey, wait a minute, I thought there were more Links when we started...

Oh, look, here's the other one.


Oh, so that's why... he was supposed to announce Kai's pages. Looks like the bum just decided to take a nap instead.

Uh, not exactly... he's dead.

D... dead?

It figures... I mean, it wouldn't be a links page without at least one dead link. *drum roll*

That's... that's not funny! *flees*

Uh, yes, well... if that will be all, I think I'll take my leave, too... *flees*

Hey! What are you afraid of? I didn't kill him! ...but if I didn't kill him... then who did? *ominous chord*


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