RPG Classics Mailbag #1

Hey everybody, here are the replies to our very first mailbag question. Only three letters, since only three people bothered to respond to this week's mailbag question... unless the rest got lost in the mail. And it very well might have, I had some e-mail difficulties this week. Anyway, this week's question was: "What was your favorite RPG moment, and why?"
Like Rast said, a totally lame question. So, let's see how lame the answers I got were.

The first is from a guy who calls himself Animus...

"Yeah it's kinda lame but dont worry...

I cant pick one... When Aeris died i got sick in my stomach. Didn't throw up but i gagged and took pepto bismol and layed on my bean bag for 10 minutes thinking about what just happened."

You're lucky... some dork already spoiled it for me, so I knew exactly what was going to happen. So when I finally did see it, I had to go into therapy because of that... not because Aeris' death had such a profound inpact on me, but because I was tempted to re-enact that scene with me as Sephiroth and that dork as Aeris.

"Cecil at Mt Ordeals was JUST AWESOME... tranquility best describes that mood.

Gestahl and Kefka on the floating continent ruled... so did the speech right before fighting the last boss(es).

Final fantasy Tactics when Ovelia killed Delita at the end.... it really made me think that his whole story was for not... so i played the game again 3x and still ponder over the implications of the ending."

Speaking of spoilers... I have never played FFT yet, so now that you've spoiled that for me, I'll have to kill you. No hard feelings, right?

"BUT no game, for me at least, has had me on ups and downs like Xenogears... So many parts of that game made me say "FUCK! I can't believe that..." etc. elly/miang and Feis Coward personality all that was so engrossing....

That's why I like RPGs cuz they give you memories like that... no other genre can hope to."

I'll have to take your word for that Xenogears bit too. Hey Rast, can people say "fuck" in this segment anyway? Please say no so I'll have another reason to send this guy to everyone's ultimate nightmare: The Pits of Deprivation of All Corniness (tm). Yep... that's what I do to people who spoil something for me. You have been warned. Next!

Hey, this one's from Mad Man. Could very well be the same one who hangs around on the RPGC boards. Well, let's see what he has to say...

"My favorite RPG moment would have to be from Super Mario RPG surprisingly enough. I loved Booster tower, and when you get to the top, and have to hide behind the curtains. But my favorite part of all of that is when the Snifits (I think that's what they're called) are talking to Booster about having a wedding, and he's asking them about it. I can't describe it, you would have to see it."

See, that's another way to do it: Be vague. Be very very vague. Be so vague that people who never played the game don't know what the hell you're talking about. Okay, so most people won't get what's so great about that scene (I do, by the way), but at least there's no chance you'll spoil anything for me and get sent to The Pits of Deprivation of All Corniness (tm).

Let's see, last latter... why, it's from our very own Zero!

"Well, for humor, I'd have to say in FF7, when you get near aeris and draw your sword...you can do a 70's style dance of intimidation before you "try" to kill that personality-less flower girl, but sadly, Cloud doesn't have the guts for it. On the bright side, Seph is always there to help."

Disco Fever! Disco Fever! Disco Fever! Yeah yeah yeah yeah! *ahem* Sorry, can't imagine what came over me there.

"Also, in the same subject, there was that moment in SD3 where you go to the corobokkle village with Hawk in lead, that never fails to put a smile on my face (heheh, funny...)"

And for all of you who have no idea what Zero's talking about here... I wouldn't want anyone to miss this particular joke, so here it is!