Here's piccies that move! Enjoy! ^_^

* Kai's Valentine - Something I made for my sweetheart for Valentine's Day. 'course, it wouldn't be me if it wasn't humorous. ^_^

* Happy Birthday, Death! - I made this for the birthday of a good friend, Death from the Bob and George community. I think it came out quite nicely.

* Chibi Macc dances - Whee! It's Mini-me! I mean, Chibi-me! And he dances! Woo! Lookit him go!

* Macc dances - And this is non-chibi-me, doing the same dance! Both this one and the previous animation were not made by me but by Deathscythe, by the way.

* Macc dances - special birthday edition - Same as above, 'cept all festive 'n' stuff. ^_^

* The shoe 0wnz j00 - Kuribo's Shoe. Best. Mario. Powerup. Ever. You will respect the Shoe.

* The shoe 0wnz j00, part t00 - And that is precisely why this shoe is off limits to all octopi.