Macc's Corny Songs

I've modified a couple of well-known RPG songs and twisted them into these. Love 'em or hate 'em, you gotta admit they're... different.

Now, a little more about these songs...

The corny version of One Winged Angel is the first one I created. The chants in this song were just perfect for replacing with some of the many corny sounds I own. The song's the same, just the chants have been replaced to produce an... interesting effect.

As for Kefka-DOH!... well, that's just as corny as they come, really. Not much to say about it... just listen to it and everything will become perfectly clear...

Just click on a song's title to download it.

Title Original Song Game Original Tracker
One Winged Angel- Corny Version One Winged Angel Final Fantasy VII Michael Valente
Kefka-DOH! Kefka's Theme Final Fantasy VI Unknown