You see Galuf running towards the tavern. He runs in just when Butz tries to run out and they crash into each other! Figuring there may be trouble, you decide to listen to what happens from the outside.

Get out of the way, Galuf! I've got... ummm... important matters to attend to.

More important than Exdeath? He's sitting right behind you and you guys are doing nothing?

Oh him... I think he's learned his lesson, Galuf.

Oh right, just like he learned his lesson when I beat him the first time?

Ummm... well...

He hasn't even so much as threatened us yet, Galuf. Who knows, maybe even Exdeath can change.

C'mon Galuf, give him a chance.

Yes, please give me a chance... to send you all to the Cleft of Dimension!! X-ZONE!!!

*Exiled to the Cleft of Dimension*


What?! You infernal old man, once again you hinder me.

I knew it! It was all a trick! Bring 'em back, Exdeath!

Or what? No, I think not. If I can't get rid of you, I'll just have to take away what is most dear to you. Fwahaha! *vanishes*

What is most dear to me...? Oh no! Cara!

Galuf runs out of the tavern. You run after him for a while, but suddenly you trip over something and smack head-first into the pavement. As you pick yourself up, you turn around and look at what you just tripped over... it's Setzer! Looks like either no one noticed him, or no one bothered to help him...

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