Deciding your help is necessary, you approach Setzer's lifeless body. He's stone cold and bleeding like hell. You take him to the nearby inn...

Hello there, and welcome to my inn. May I take your order? ...ummm, wait a minute, that's not right...

Hey, got a wounded man here!

Oh my, better get him to bed then!

A bed? How's that gonna help him? He's bleeding to death!

Eh? I know I'm forgetful at times, but you must have a hole in your head or something. I mean, come on... everyone knows sleep heals all wounds!

Um, oh yeah, must've slipped my mind. (almost forgot I'm dealing with RPG logic here...)

Word gets out about Setzer's little "accident", and soon the entire inn fills up with people...

Geez, Setzer, and I thought my technique was getting rusty...

Well, they are, I used the technique you taught me! That's the last time I follow your directions...

I say it serves you right. Maybe this'll teach you some respect for women.

Lighten up, Rydia, he didn't mean any harm... he may be a complete dumbass, but I'm sure he didn't mean any harm.

Hey everyone, I'm here!

Big whoop.





...Ha ha ha ha!

What's so funny?

I like this guy! Man, what a joker!

Yeah, whatever. Say, what are we doing here anyway?

Um... visiting Setzer?

Well, he seems to be okay now...

Yeah really. Let's get outta here.

Just then, Galuf storms into the room.

Everyone! Come quickly! Exdeath sent Butz, Lenna and Faris to the Cleft of Dimension!

That not right...

We have to free them!

Yeah, and without freeing all those annoying Cids!


It's him! Get him!

Whoa! Wait a minute, folks, it's just me!

Gogo! Cut that out!

I dunno, I thought it was a pretty cool joke.

Come on, Relm, that wasn't a very funny joke at all. Now I know some good jokes. Here, listen to this one: Why did the Chocobo cross the road?

Oh no! Old jokes! I'm outta here! *leaves*

Joke? Uhhh, me don't get it.

Shutupo! We're going after Exdeath! March! *leaves with Umaro*

Ah, 'tis finally quieting down a little now... hey, Shadow! Thou still oweth me 5 gil!

Whoops! *jumps through the window, with Cyan in pursuit*

Wait! Where's everyone going? We need to plan our attack against Exdeath together or we won't stand a chance!

Oh no, I hate plans! C'mon Crono, let's blow this joint. *leaves with Crono*

Hey! Isn't anyone going to help?

Gau rather play with animals. *leaps through the already broken window*

How about the rest of you?

Of course I'll aid such a noble cause!

Right behind ya, Cecil.

Then I guess I'll have to go as well to keep you two from bickering.

Count me in too! I love a good fight!

If my brother goes, I go.

I'd better go too... what would you do without me?

We'd probably be using our brains a little more. I'll go to keep an eye on you.

You always did have your eye on me...

You asked for it! CHOCOBO!

*KICK* Ow! Ouch! No more! I'm sorry already!

I suppose there's room for one more martial arts expert?

Sure, just stay out of my way or you might get hurt.

Is that a challenge?

Well, let's just say you don't stand a chance against me.

We shall see about that!

Guys! Guys! No fighting among each other, okay? Let's just focus on the problem at hand first, shall we?

We'd better go too, Locke... these guys are going to be trouble if we don't keep them apart.

What a group... you might be more dangerous than Exdeath!

What about me? I wanna come too!

But you've only just recovered!

And? What's your point?

I'm all for it if you think you're up to it, we need all the help we can get. Only three people here now to make up their mind... Magus? Will you join us?

....... yeah, whatever.



Strago, wake up!

*snort* Wha? Oh right... to get to the other side! Ha ha ha ha...

(everyone) Huh?????

What? Don't you get it?

Forget it... now, how about you, newcomer? Will you join us?

The notion of being able to fight alongside some of the most famous RPG Characters is overwhelming and you find yourself agreeing to help.

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