Gilgamesh runs away from the scene, and you run after him. Then, abruptly, he stops, and looks around nervously...

...??? I thought I heard something! Who are you? Speak up, or I'll...

Well, if it isn't Gagamesh!

That's Gilgamesh!

Oh, sorry, Gargamel...

Grrr.... You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?

Well, duh!

You got a big mouth for a lousy Imp!

I'm not just any Imp! I am the Mega Ultimate Super Fantastic Imp Master of Doom!! Hey, wait a minute, that sounds surreal!

You mean you actually believed it for a second there?

Um, no no, of course not, I'm not that stupid!

Heh, sure you're not...

Wha? Stay out of this, Faris, this is none of your business!

Why not? You being back seems enough of a reason for me to interfere.

You there! Go now, or feel my wrath!

What's that, little Imp? I don't think you're in any condition to make threats!

And what condition would that be?

Isn't it obvious? You're just a little dork with no power whatsoever!

Yeah really, I'm surprised you still dare to stand in my way, punk!

That's it! You're in trouble now!

Ooooooooh... whaddaya gonna do, pick your nose and disgust me to death?

Hahahaha... good one, Faris, you tell him!

Grrr... METEO!!

Urgggggggg.... *falls down unconscious*

Ouch! H-Hey... you can't do that!! You're... you're just an Imp, for crying out loud!

Oh yeah? Just try to stop me!

Fine, I will! *whistles*

*appears in front of Gilgamesh*

Ha! Now it's two against one! What now, shrimp?

*yawns* Oh, please... CONTROL!

*starts to attack Gilgamesh*

Hey! Get away from me!

EXPLODER! *explodes in Gilgamesh's face*

DOH! I'm outta here! ESCAPE!

Gilgamesh is gone before you realize it... damn, you lost him.

That was fun! REVERT!

The imp changes form... it's Gogo!!

My mimic skill is getting better all the time!

Ow, my head... what happened? Gogo?

Oh, Faris! Ummm... Sorry, I'm kind of in a hurry, bye! *runs away*

Hey, wait...! ...? Where'd everybody go?

Since you've lost Gilgamesh, there is no reason for you to hang around here anymore. Disappointed, you head back to the square.

When you reach the square, you see some people are still around. You quickly jump behind the bushes again.

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