You decide to spy on the remaining people a little longer...

So Exdeath, when did you get back? Didn't we Ex-terminate you?

... Are you making fun of me?

Who, me? Not at all, what gave you that idea? I just wanted to know how you got back.

Yeah well you know how it is. Us bad guys always come back sooner or later.

Ain't it the truth.

Yeah I heard that.

Hey, you're Cecil, right? Wassup?

Nothing much. I'm still waiting for Zeromus to return. I mean, with all those dead guys coming back, it's only a matter of time...

And when he does return?

...I dunno.

Well then, Cecil, prepare to die, for I have returned! Nyahhahahaha!

Hey, that was a good one.

Huh? What?

Oh, we were sorta having a laughing contest earlier. And you probably would have been the winner!

Really? Cool! What do I win?


Ouch! *changes into... Gogo?!*

Ah geez Cecil, why'd you do that? I was just having some fun...

Oh great, it's that irritating Mimic guy. Now he can shapeshift too, that's just great...

So I mimicked Zeromus! Sue me!

Fine, I will!

Aw c'mon Locke, I was only kidding....

.......well, that takes care of that. Seeya later, guys. *vanishes*

Wow, didn't know he could do that. Oh well, no point in hanging around here anymore. C'mon Exdeath, let's go grab ourselves a beer...

Everyone's leaving... what will you do now?

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