You go after Kefka as he walks away. He is obviously very upset. Suddenly he stops, and you hide behind the brick wall of a nearby house.

Grrr... it's not fair! Where'd they all go?!

Did you forget about me, Kefka? I didn't go anywhere.

G... General Leo! S-Stay back, I'm warning you!

Relax, man... I just wanted to tell you something.

R-Really? What?

That Gestahl impression of yours was pretty good.


You know, that Gestahl impression you showed me just before you killed me. I just didn't get the chance to tell you that before, with you killing me and all.

Oh yeah... Sorry about that.

Oh heck, it doesn't bother me... actually I kinda enjoyed what that action caused.

Oh? What did it cause then?

Just go check some FF3/6j pages on the Internet... on many of them you're likely to find a dumb rumor that you can bring me back to life in the game... which is nonsense of course.

Ha ha! Really? And people believed it? Some people are so gullible...

Yes, I agree.

Emperor Gestahl? You're back too?

Why not? Everyone else seems to be. By the way Kefka... it wasn't very nice of you to kill me, now was it?

Ummm... well, uhhh... I guess not. But Leo here could forgive me, so...

Wait a minute Kefka, I never said I forgave you...

Hey! Don't come any closer now! I've killed you both before, I'll do it again!

But it's two against one now, Kefka. Besides, there'd be no point in killing you... everyone here seems unable to die!

Really? How can you be sure?

Isn't it obvious, we're back! And... this is embarassing, but... I kinda fell on a rusty nail and died of gangrene in this world. After some time, I just recovered again.

Hmmm, that's interesting.

So you see, Kefka, fighting would make no sense.

I guess not, but still... hey Leo, Gestahl! Behind you! A three-headed Chocobo!!




Doh! *dies*

Arghhhh.... *dies*

Man... I can't believe you BOTH looked... Hee hee, now this is fun! I can kill them as many times as I want! I think I'm going to enjoy this...

Kefka's on the move again. There's no sense in hanging out with these dead guys, so you stealthily go after Kefka.

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