After following him for a while, you find yourself back at the square, just as someone else approaches from the other side. Uh-oh, looks like there's gonna be trouble now...

Keeping a safe distance, you decide to watch how this encounter will turn out.

Well, if it isn't Kefka!

Uwee hee hee! Good! Another person who needs to feel my revenge!

You wanna fight? Sure! Whenever you're ready, Kefka!

Then prepare to...


Wha? Who're you? Get outta here, kid, you're bothering me.

Geez, you're a sorehead, aren't you?

How dare you speak to me like that?

You started it!

Did not!

Did too!

Did not!

Did too!

Hey you two, shut up, will you? I was just about to...

You shut up, this is not your fight! At least not anymore. Now where was I... oh yeah. Did not!


You heard him, stay out of this. Oh, and... Did too!

This sucks. I'm outta here.

Did not!

Did too!

Did not, did not, did not!!

Sabin has a point. This sucks. Just when you're about to leave, you spot Setzer, still laying on the floor where Odin left him...

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