Everyone leaves the square (except for Setzer of course) and you follow Locke and Gogo... keeping just enough distance not be be noticed, but still able to listen in on their conversation.

You aren't really going to sue me, are you, Locke?

Sure I am.

What?! For what?

Copyright infringement.

What??? You've got to be kidding me! Copying is what I do for a living, you can't sue me for that!

Tell it to the judge.

.....Wait, then how about the author of this page? Isn't he in copyright violation?

Don't touch me! Well, no, not really...

Huh? Where'd you come from?

Hey I made this page, I can do whatever I want! Now about the copyright stuff you guys are so worried about... *ahem* "All characters are property of their respective owners." There, is that better?

Uh, well, sort of...

I assure you, I am not in any kind of violation. Now, I've got work to do, so if you don't mind... *vanishes*

Hey, wait! Come back!

Why should he? Everything seems to be in order.

Well, I was just thinking...

Heh. Think? You?

Will you shut up and let me finish already? This is important!

Okay, okay! Geez, loosen up, man.

Well, have you never given any thought as to why we're here anyway?

Nope. That's too deep for me. After all, who can say for certain why we have been placed on this Earth? It's a question that has long occupied mankind, and will probably...

Shut up already! That's not what I meant! I mean this place, this... page. If it weren't for that Macc guy, we wouldn't be in this strange world, so I was just wondering... why?

I see... yes, this place is weird, alright... People from different time zones are all here in the same place... heck, even dead people, like Kefka and Leo are back!

And what's wrong with that? If it weren't for this place, I'd still be dead!

Yeah, but you still gotta wonder why he did all this. And why bring the bad guys back too?

Bad guys??

Yeah, you know... Kefka, Zeromus, Exdeath... they're all here.

What? Exdeath? I have to stop him! *runs off*

Galuf, wait!

Too late.

Damn. Y'know, Exdeath is really an ok guy once you get to know him... I hope Galuf doesn't do anything stupid....

Hmmm, now what?

Follow Galuf or
Continue to follow Locke and Gogo?