Ultros heads for an alley. It seems he's waiting for someone...

...I just knew he'd be late.

Well, EXCUSE me!

Huh? Where'd you come from?

The roof.

What where you doing there?

Never mind that! Now, what did you want to talk to me about?

Well, I was thinking, have you ever noticed the similarities between us?

Like, how we're both supporting villains who run away after every fight and just keep coming back to bug you over and over?

Um, yeah I guess. That and we both have tentacles.

Huh? I don't have any tentacles!

You don't? Forget it then, deal's off!

Hey, no fair! At least tell me what the deal was!

Okay... I figured we might team up and beat up the heroes together.

Good idea! Come on, let's do so.

Well, I dunno... what do you think, Chupon?

A... A... ACHOOOOO!!!!

Where's the fight? Can I help?

What are you doing here?

Oh, my mistake. I thought I heard the traditional monk battle cry. Later!

O-kay... well, since Chupon agrees, I guess we're allies, Gilgamesh!

Great... but will you do me a favor and have him sneeze the OTHER way next time?

In a blink of an eye, the three disappear. Well, they always were fast runners. Not knowing what else to do, you decide to head to the tavern and see what's happening there.

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