Don't all you people with little to no drawing talent (like me) sometimes wish someone with more drawing skills would make a comic or art with you in it? I know I did, and my wish has come true! And all I needed to do for it was be myself, I didn't even need to ask. Isn't it great? Now, I don't expect you to believe this without proof backing it up, so that's what you'll find on this page.

* A Mysidian Tale - The first comic in which I make an appearance, brief as it may be. At the very end, I'm there to tell you the moral of the story, and a good lesson it is, too. :) The rest of the story may not make much sense to you unless you're familiar with some of the regulars on The Mysidian Message Board, where insanity is the norm. For those who are wondering: Kawaii is the guy who drew this comic. Celes and Spy are frequent posting females on the board. What prompted Kawaii to draw this? Well, he once said "So much for 'Operation: Make Everyone Bow to My Beliefs and Make Celes My Queen'...", to which Celes responded: "Queen? Alright. Where's the treasure? Ya know, the gems and gold and stuff!" And this comic is the result of Kawaii's following burst of inspiration...

* Macc-tetsujin - This one, also by Kawaii, is just a single picture, but as you all know a picture is worth a thousand words. On the Mysidian Message Board, I started randomly blurting out words of wisdom, which (among with some other things I mentioned over the years) are archived in the House Of Learning. This prompted a new side of my personality in Macc-tetsujin (roughly translated as "Guru Macc"), whom Kawaii saw fit to make a drawing of, along with a typical reaction from himself when receiving my pearls of wisdom... And say, is anyone else (who saw Dragonball Z, anyway) reminded of Piccolo and young Gohan when they look at this picture?

* Macc and the Triforce of Courage - SpoonyBard, like Kawaii, is prone to spontaneous bursts of inspiration caused by certain events, which prompt him to do a quick drawing of the event in question. This one's about another thing that happened on The Mysidian Message Board. I got the Triforce of Courage from Celes for being able to view a supposedly invisible post (no problem when you have the Lens of Truth :), and of course I had to hold it up in the traditional Zelda-style item receive pose. So that's what you'll see in this picture.

* Macc and Celes chase scene - Another drawing by SpoonyBard. This is what happened soon after I got the Triforce of Courage and Celes decided she wanted it back...

* Macc Maverick sketch - Drawn by HümanOddities.

* Macc Maverick, Tiamat Zero style - Like the title says, drawn by Tiamat Zero.

* Macc's HQ Fan Art - Drawn by James. Features Macc, Dark Macc and Ultros.

* Online Life - This is a daily comic by SpoonyBard, in which I am one of the main characters. First it was based on computer drawings, then on actual drawings, and now it's sprite-based. And coolness it is.

* Bob and George - Another daily spite-based comic, this one featuring Mega Man characters. Check the archives for the storyline "Tales from a Parallel Universe II", where I make a cameo appearance for the duration of said storyline. In fact, read the whole archives while you're at it, 'cause it's a great comic. Check out this picture too, of me and Rampage hanging out with the Bob and George cast. It's based on a Bob & George comic, and was edited by Rodan1025.