Greetings, and welcome, all, to Macc-tetsujin's House of Learning. It is here that I shall confer to you but a minute portion of the wisdom I have gained over the years. This is a very time-consuming process which will take much concentration from both you and I. Therefore, I invite you to... Stay a while, and listen. (I've always wanted to say that :)

Update: 4/9/2002 - Two more Words of Wisdom, four more Quotes and six additions to Student's Enlightenment!

* Words of Wisdom - This is where I shall speak wisdom that is my own, or at least wisdom that I have... ahem, borrowed, and attributed to myself. Oh, do not regard me with such accusing eyes... us beings of greater knowledge do that sort of thing all the time. You will find that all of these contain wisdom in their own ways, however some of them appear to be more humorous than anything else. I invite you all to see past this mask, and see the truth that lies hidden within.

* Quotes - Here are various bits of wisdom offered by various people who are so famous I wouldn't dare st... I mean, borrow said wisdom from them without giving credit where credit is due. Even if some of them have been dead for centuries. One can never be too careful. Once again you shall need great mental skills to see the wisdom behind the humor of some of these quotes, but I have the fullest confidence in your abilities.

* Student's Enlightenment - A few people who studied my Words of Wisdom gained some valuable insights into the workings of the world. Peruse this section, and learn from your fellow students.