There, that's much better.

*sigh* Mental note: Find someone to replace Ultros as band leader.

What's wrong with my music?

Just forget it and let's get on with the show, okay?

Can I come out yet?

Not yet, Strago, you're the second guest.

Oh, sorry.

Heh. Old fart.

Ultros! Don't insult the guests!

Heh heh. You should have thought of that before you hired me.

*bangs his head on his desk* Oh man... this isn't working. Look, this job is hard enough as it is, now don't you make things even harder for me.

Oh, alright. I'll try to contain myself.

That's all I'm asking. Okay, before anything else goes wrong, let's bring out my first guest. You all know him from... well, FF6 obviously, since that's what this show's about. Ultros, play the song.

Uhhh... what song?

D'oh! I knew we should've done a rehearsal first. Just press that large button marked "Guest 1" on your keyboard.

That's all? That's my job? Cool, easy money.

Just do it, okay?

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