Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first episode of FARTS. Today, I'll...


What? I'm trying to do my opening monologue here.

Aw skip it. Noone wants to hear that crap anyway.

Gee, you really think so?

I'm positive.

Oh. ... Then, what should I do?

Change the music.


Change the music. We already heard this song.

But... I like this song.

Well I hate it.

Well who asked you, mister music critic? *sigh* But I suppose you have a point... the same music the whole time would get boring. I guess I'll split up the episodes in a number of seperate pages so I can change the music every once in a while. If you think that's annoying, blame Ultros. It was his idea. Anyway, here's the SHORTENED *looks at Ultros* version of my monologue... Today I'll be interviewing several characters from FF6. Um... that's it, I guess.

Good. Then you guys can now click on this here link to go to the next page of the episode, and we can finally get rid of this awful music.

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