Eh? What the heck is this?

My, how appropriate. I'm sure many of our viewers have never heard this particular tune before, but I'm pretty sure at least one of my guests knows about it.

Guests? What guests?

Oh, right, I haven't mentioned my guests yet! Tonight I'll be having a chat with RPG Classics staff members Zero and SpoonyBard. We will be talking about... um, I haven't really decided yet, I guess we'll just invite them to join us and see what happens.

You've really put a lot of work in the preparation of this show, haven't you?

You're starting to get on my nerves, Ultros... the only reason you're still on this show is because I haven't been able to sucker someone into becoming the new band leader yet.

Ha! No one could replace me! I'm the only reason people watch this show!

Don't be too sure... I've gotten multiple complaints about you already in fact. Yes, this is a good excuse to... OPEN THE MAILBAG!

Mailbag? Isn't that another segment?

This is different. Here I'll read some of the mail I've received about my show. Every talkshow's doing it.

Hey Macc! You didn't say anything about this! How long is this gonna take?

Not long, I promise.

I hope not. I'm wasting valuable time I could be spending on Starcraft instead.

All right! All right! I'll just do one letter, okay? Won't take but a minute.Ultros, play the music.

You gotta tell me what music first.

I don't care... just do #908 or something.

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