*returns with a soapbox, which he puts down and stands on* Ever wanted to make your own RPGs? In that case, you should go to RPGMaker.net. We have everything you need to make your own game. Except Ultross, we're still working on getting a contract with him. *kicks out the soapbox, and waits for other sponsors to arrive*

We have more sponsors then? *looks backstage* Anyone?

Every good show has at least 20 or 30...

Ah, there you go then. I never did claim the show was GOOD.

Oh... true. So how's Ultross these days? No one's abused him in a couple of weeks.

Hey! Don't talk about me like I'm not here.

Well... let's just say I'm discussing job opportunites with him.

Hello, I'm right here! Ask me!

You're going to fire him?

Hah! As if!

Hardly... well, maybe literally, yes...


*scratches his head*

Oh, Ultros... wanna get fired? *whispers to Rast* That was a trick question of course, but he'll never get it...


Hey, you KNOW I do.

You asked for it!

H-Hey! Wait a minute!

Yeouch! Seafood soup! *dives under the stage as if it were water*

Heh heh... so, Rast, I've been wondering... why DO you always spell Ultros with two s's?

Hmmm... hang on a sec... *chants for a moment, and an Oxford dictionary appears* Gotta love that dictionary summon, hang on... *flips through the pages*

*gets his Game Boy*

Hey, you're right, it only has 1 s! *closes the book*

*is too busy playing to notice his surroundings*

Hey! *pulls out his sword and takes a whack at the Game Boy*

*sits still, frozen for second, then slowly picks up the Game Boy and turns it off* Hmmm... what?

We're trying to do a show here I thought.

Oh right, uh... what was I saying?

I don't know... I forgot too... let's talk about something else.

Good idea. And as we all know (well, at least I do), with a topic change comes a music change! Ultros? Oh, right, he's gone. I'll just do it myself then.

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