Greetings, and welcome to another episode of FARTS! Today, I'll be interviewing Rast, founder of RPG Classics and creator of RPG Engine, an RPG Making utility. I also have another special guest... but I'll keep that a surprise for now. Hey, Ultros, how are you doing over there?


Well, if you're bored with your job as music switcher, I do have some other grossly demeaning tasks you could perform for me.

Errr... no thanks. Hey, can't you get some additional help or something? Like maybe... Gilgamesh? Oh, if I ever get my hands on him I'll...

You don't have any hands. But it's funny you mentioned additional help, 'cause I got myself some, alright.

Great, who?

Come on in, guys!

Hi everybody!


What? The Secret of Evermore guy and his dog? You gotta be kidding!

I usually am, but not this time. I got a contract with them for my birthday, so now I can order them around as well.

Let me just say, mister Macc, that...

Argh! Okay, here's your first order: Don't call me mister Macc!

Okiedokie, mis... er, Macc. Now, as I was saying... I'm very grateful for this chance you've given me. I haven't exactly had a promising career, ever since...

Here's your second order: Shut up and get out of my face. Go see if Gogo has some security work for you, or something.

Errr... okay. *leaves with his dog*

*sighs* Maybe this was all a big mistake... ah well, on with the show! Ultros, change the music. Into something besides the opera battle.

Drat. Well, alright then...

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