Well, there it is... ack! Look who's guarding the front door!

Pika pikachu?

Yeah, whatever. I can't believe I let Dark Macc sucker me into that contract...

Daos I can handle, but Pikachu? *shudders* I'm not going anywhere near him. Who knows what dark powers he might unleash? Oh well, luckily I won't have to find out. Ultros said he'd leave the back door unlocked. *sneaks around to the back of the HQ* Ah, here we are... *tries the door, but it doesn't open* Damn! Of course, I should've known Ultros wouldn't come through for me...

Hey, I resent that! I happen to be fiercely loyal!

Wha? So, Ultros, you showed up after all. Okay, first of all, quit trying to suck up to me, and second, what are you doing out here?

Well I thought it's such nice weather outside, I'd go for a stroll and...

What are you REALLY doing out here?

...I locked myself out.

*slaps himself on the forehead* Well, any other bright ideas on how to get inside?

Bust down the door?

Too noisy.

Go through the sewers?

Too messy.

Errr... Turn into mist and pass through the door?

Too impossible.

But I thought you could do that?

Nah, that was just a trick with smoke and mirrors.

Well then I'm outta ideas.

Great. Just great. I take all this time thinking up a great plan to retake my HQ, and you have to mess everything up again. *sighs and leans against the door*

Maybe if we just stay here someone will come and open the door for us.

Oh sure, like that would hap- *falls backwards as the door opens from the inside* -ow!

See, told ya.

*from inside* Hey Ultros, locked yourself out again?

You guessed it.

Thought as much... *looks down* Oh hello there, Macc.

Something tells me this was all a very, very bad idea...

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