Hey everyone. Well, I'm sure glad I'm no longer in Dark Macc's containment field... How did I get out, you ask? It's a long story, no time for that now. After all, this still leaves me HQ-less. And no HQ means no show. So what I decided to do is to record the way I retake my HQ instead. That should be interesting, no? Oh, if you're wondering how I'll be taping this... I remodelled my Nu a little bit so that his eyes function as cameras. Isn't that right, Nu?


Yes I know it's not an original name, but what do you expect? I give you a nickname, next thing you know I'll be nicknaming all my Pokémon too. Can't have that. Now then... I'm not too far from the HQ at the moment, so it won't be long until...

Hey Macc, wait up!

We've come to help!

Just tell where the bad guys is and we do the rest!

And we'll be safe as long as Merlin is still standing, after all he's always the first to get hit with something.

*sigh* I feel like a red-suit in the old Star Trek series...

Zero, Mazrim, Lunaris, SpoonyBard and Merlin? What are all of you doing here? I hadn't exactly counted on you showing up, so you don't really fit into my plan...

You have a plan? I thought you said you never made plans.

No, not usually, because something always tends to go wrong... but that's okay then now that you are here. Tell you what, I'm going ahead with my plan, and when things go wrong, which I'm sure they will, I'll send someone to get you guys so you can come and help out. Any questions?

You're gonna make us wait out here? Can't we just storm the place together?

Well, as much fun as that would be, I'd like my HQ to actually still be there by the time we clear out Dark Macc, so I want to try something that would cause a little less structural damage first.

So what exactly IS your plan?

Well it's like this. The people who were working for me in my HQ all decided they like me more than Dark Macc... yes, even Ultros thinks so after discovering Dark Macc's torture methods are far worse than mine. But anyway, they're going to help me out from the inside. If all six of us go, I don't think that'd be stealthy enough, so that's why I want to go ahead by myself. With my camera-Nu, of course.

Why can the Nu go and not us?

Observe. Nu, activate cloaking device!


Hey, cool. I wish I could do that... maybe then those pianos might actually miss me every once in a while.

Well sit tight guys. I'll be back. *sneaks closer to the HQ*

"I'll be back"? Who do you think you are, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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