Greetings, inferior beings, and welcome to your doom... I mean, FARTS.

*audience boos*

Thank you, thank you, I hate you all too. Now then, today's show will feature the character who is present in every Final Fantasy game and yet is a different person every time: Cid. So let's get right down to it and bring out the Cid from Final Fantasy I! 


Um, DM... there was no Cid in Final Fantasy I.

Dammit, you guys are supposed to tell me about stuff like that! Now you made me look stupid!

It's not my fault! Gilgamesh is the cue card guy!

You have a point. Gilgamesh! Where the hell are my cue cards?

Cue cards? How am I supposed to know?

*sigh* Oh, I don't know... because you are the cue card holder, maybe?

Well yeah, but noone gave me any cue cards to hold.

*facepalms* Well, I admire your ability to follow orders to the letter, but a little initiative couldn't hurt.

Initia... wha?

Never mind... but you better get me some cue cards right now or prepare to fry.

Oh, er... sure, no problem! *runs away*

........ he's not coming back, is he?

I wouldn't.

Guess I'll just have to improvise. Okay, let's bring out... wait, there IS a Cid in Final Fantasy II, right?

I think so.

Alright, let's bring out the Cid from Final Fantasy II then! Ultros, the music!

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