And here he is, Final Fantasy II's Cid!


Ahem... I SAID... Final Fantasy II's Cid!

*walk on stage, arguing*

Dammit, I'm telling you, I'M Final Fantasy II's Cid!

Yer nuts, everyone knows I'M Final Fantasy II's Cid!

Ah dammit, I thought this might happen... okay, let me clear this up for the folks at home... that 8-bit guy is the Cid from Final Fantasy II, the REAL one, the one for the NES, only brought out in Japan... while the 16-bit guy is from Final Fantasy II US, which is actually Final Fantasy IV.

Everyone already knows that, dumbass!

........ *blasts Rirse* Now, as I was saying...

Wait a minute, what just happened?

Oh, that was Rirse. He asked Macc to be on the show a long time ago, and get killed in some nasty way. I just complied with his request.

...why would anyone request being killed on the show?

Beats me, but at least he got his wish.

Hey! Move aside, you spotlight-hogging youngster!

No way gramps, these are MY five minutes of fame!

SHUT UP! *pushes a button on his desk*

*a large cannon rises out of the floor and fires at Final Fantasy IV's Cid, freezing him in a block of ice*


Alright, you're first. Any problems with that?

No, sir.

Good. Now then, first of all, I understand that you died. So how can you be on this show anyhow?

Actually, I didn't die, I just faked it so I had a good excuse to give that damn airship away. You have any idea how much upkeep those things require?

I'm glad to say that I don't. So what are you up to these days?

Well, I started a new life for myself. I became an insurance agent.



I think we're done talking.

But I haven't even told you yet of this great offer...

Try it, and die.

...oh. Never mind then.

The only use you might still have is that you may be able to give me a few pointers.

Pointers? What do you mean, pointers?

On how to be evil, of course! Being an insurance agent, you must be an expert. Any tips on how to take over the world?

Ummm... don't get your foot caught in a radiator?

Sound advice. Alright then, move over to that couch in the back, while I bring out the next guest.

Uh, sure... *goes over to said couch*

My second guest will be, surprise surprise, the Cid from Final Fantasy III!

*walk on stage, arguing*

Dammit, I'm telling you, I'M Final Fantasy III's Cid!

Yer nuts, everyone knows I'M Final Fantasy III's Cid!

*facepalms* It's gonna be a looooooong day...

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