*a few seconds pass*

...I can't believe he's late for his own show.

I can't believe I'm stuck with being cue card holder while that psycho Vegeta got to be the new Director.

(through the intercom) I heard that! Don't make me abuse my god-like powers!


...well, if he's not coming, I'm not staying. My contract requires me to be on time for the show, but I don't remember reading anything about having to wait for him if he's late.

Most likely, he'll write in that clause immediately if we leave.

Yeah, you're right. So now what do we do?

Meanwhile, in the control booth, where all HQ operations are monitored...

I'll tell you what we'll do... change the channel!

Vegeta pulls a lever and switches to the "commissary-cam"

I'm telling you kid, I don't have your stupid Pikachu, alright?

Pikachu's not stupid! And I know you have him, I saw it in that FARTS episode I watched!

Well, in the next one, if you paid attention, you would have noticed that I didn't have him anymore. Some ninja chick went off with him.

You expect me to believe that? How stupid do you think I am?

Stupid enough to not even catch 1% of the wild Pokémon you see.

Well, I... errr, it's important to observe Pokémon very carefully before catching them, you know!

Whatever kid, whatever...

(through the intercom) Hey you! Darkie! Where's Blue Boy?

Who gives a damn? And don't call me Darkie.

(through the intercom) I'll call you whatever I want, Darkie. Now, report to the talk show set. You're filling in for Blue Boy.

Say what? Why?

(through the intercom) Because, if there's no show, I don't get paid!

You get paid?

(through the intercom) Enough with the questions! Get over there, now!

*sigh* Dammit, Macc... what good is it to have your show back when you don't show up to host it? Ah well... *gets up*

Hey! I'm not through with you yet!

Yes you are. *disappears*

...no fair. *pouts*

The camera switches back to the FARTS set...

...so then I said... Hey! Dark Macc's right behind you!

Ha ha ha... so, did he believe you?

No, I mean, really! He's standing right behind you!

Now now, Ultros... maybe you did manage to fool Locke with that one, but I'm way too smart to fall for that old gag.


WAAAAAH! *jumps five feet into the air, lands on his face, then quickly gets up, dances around in circles, hits a wall and passes out*

...geez. Talk about overreacting. So, what's up? Show's about to start ya know, 'cept Macc ain't around.

I know. Vegeta would have me take his place. I dunno why though. I only tried one show, the one you guys walked into, and it was a disaster.

Yes it w... I mean, no, actually I thought it was pretty good myself.

Shut up, squid. Just play me a suitable opening theme and let's get this over with.

Yes, sir!

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