Starts a bit too slow for my tastes, but cool anyway. Have any complaints NOW, Macc?


Anyway, getting of the subject of your previous evil plans, why don't you describe yourself to the audience? I'm sure they would find you very interesting. *coughlosercough* Oh sorry about that, I really should take my cough meds soon.

That's quite all right. Anyway, I would describe myself as handsome, kind, witty, forgiving, an all around good guy, noble...

And humble too.

That too.

Very humble. *coughweeniecough* Oh dear, it looks like whatever StarStorm has is spreading.

Yeah, a general disdain for Gestahl.

What was that Gilgamesh?

Nothing, Master.

Whatever. So anyway, what are your future plans, Gestahl?

Well with the money you've so kindly paid me, I'm currently researching a sleeping potion that is powerful enough to knock out a Behemoth.

StarStorm, you PAID him to do an interview?!?!?

Hell no! I paid him for the Slave Crowns! Came pretty cheap, about ten million Gil each!

Ah. Okay.

So what are you planning to do with the sleeping potion?

Spread it all over the world.

Let me guess, you're trying to steal all the Barbie and Barney dolls on the planet.

*looks proud* Yes, exactly what I'm planning to do.

So much for expecting the great Emperor Gestahl to launch another bid to take over the world.

Was that an insult?

Nope. *coughwierdocough* Anyway, I'm sorry Gestahl, but that's all the time we have for you today. We must be moving on. Who's next on our list... Golbez, right?

Fine with me. I REALLY have to use the bathroom. Where are the bathrooms?

There are none.

Sorry, Gestahl, you'll have to go outside. Don't let security catch you doing your business though.

Alright. I'll be back for the rest of my money at the end of the show. *gets up and runs out*

That was one of the stupidest interviews I have ever had the dubious pleasure of taking part in.

Wonderful way to start a show, isn't it?

Not really.

Didn't think so. Maybe if we're lucky, Mr. T will catch him and I won't have to put up with that wuss anymore. *flips on the intercom* Mr. T?

Yeah foo'?

That's Master, Mr. T.

Yeah Master Foo'?

You know what? I don't care. Mr. T, there's an interloper who's about to urinate outside. Please escort him off the premises. Preferably with extreme force.

Right on it, Master Foo'. *intercom shuts off*

Now, you'd think the Slave Crown would stop him from saying "foo'" all the time...

Well, Mr. T is helluva tough.

And what does THAT have to do with anything?

I guess he's helluva tough for the Slave Crown.

Note to self: readjust Mr. T's Slave Crown.

Mr. T's helluva tough. You CAN'T readjust the Slave Crown enough.

*stares at Ultros*

You have any idea what you're talking about?

No Master.

Then shut up.

Yes Master.

You know what? This is getting weird.

In other words, everything's right with the world.

Except that I can't move or shoot worth crap and I'm getting electroshock every five seconds..

Except that I'm in a containment unit.

Except that everyone else is wearing Slave Crowns.

Cloud, you shut up too.

Yes Master.

Ultros, do me a favor and change the music? It's time to bring Golbez in.

Yes Master.

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