For mai first act of hosting I sh---

You there! Catgirl, what are you doing in Blue Boy's seat? And what are the cameras doing running if Blue Boy or Darkie isn't hosting?

I get to host a episode... this is *Holds up little sign that says "FARTS Episode 3.8 billion! (Not really, I just like big numbers.)"* .... Seee? Besides, Maccy let me. I pwomise I'll do a good job! It'll give you some extra money!

Hmmm... Go ahead then. Just don't mess up, Catgirl.

*Thinks: Hehee.. am I good or what?* Righty then, as I was saying... for mai fi--- ooo! Gilgamesh! *Kai dashes out of the chair, and glomps Gilgamesh* Your mai favorite!

... I have fans? I'm just the cue card guy.

Your a pretty darn cool cue card guy though! Waaaie!

Er... uh... *Runs off*

*Falls over* Ow.. owie.. ouch... Waaah! I broke a naaail...

If you think breaking a nail is that bad...

*Gets up, and sits back in the chair* Oh shut up you octopus thingy, I whooped your butt so bad in FF3/FF6 when I was playing it, it wasn't even funny! Besides, your job is changing the music.. ... Ooo.. buttons! *Pushes one of the buttons on the desk, after which Ultros falls down a trap-door* ... Oopsie. Wrong button.

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