Okie, now we're finally underway! Now it's time to interview someone, and then things go horribly wrong for unknown reasons while there are many inter-scene thingies! ... Or something like that. But, here's our first guest sitting on the chair, Zell! So Zell, what's it like being dead or whatever/wherever it is you are now?

There's no hotdogs.

... No hotdogs?! Ahie! Who could do such a horrible thing?! Hotdogs are so good and hotdoggy! With ketchup, and then some fries on the side. Must be horrible there...

... Could I have a hotdog?

No, they're mine.

Gimme a hotdog!



*Phases into armor* MINE!

... Okay, yours.

*Phases back from armor* Hehee, dats more like it.

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