Day 1

8.30 AM

*yawn* I can't believe I'm already awake at 8.30 in the morning... think I went to bed at this time more often than waking up at this time. 'least that's true ever since the holidays started. Only about five hours of sleep too. But that was for a worthy cause... had to say goodbye to a very special friend. But I can't afford to dwell on yesterday. Though technically, I suppose that was actually today... bah, now I'm confusing myself. That's what I get for getting up this early. Yep, today's the day... I'm going off to Germany with the guys. For them it's just a vacation, but I have business to take care of. Not gonna worry about that yet though, I haven't even left yet. Ah well, at least I took care of all the packing and stuff in advance, so just a quick shower and light breakfast and I'll be on my way, right?

10.30 AM

Wrong. As usual, at the last minute, I thought of a lot of things I forgot to do yesterday, so I had to do them just now. The guys are not too happy about it, but I doubt their mood'd have been any better at this hour anyway. Done now though, and about to get into the car for the long trip to Germany.

11.45 AM

...k. We're in Germany already? Damn, that was fast. Well, looks like this would be a good time to pop in the CD I burned especially for this trip, consisting of mostly videogame and anime music I particularly enjoy listening to. First of is More Than Words, from Slayers Try. This brings back some fond memories... *sigh* Only about an hour away and I find myself already wishing I was headed in the opposite direction. C'mon Macc, focus! Think happy thoughts. *thought bubble with a lemon in it appears* Hmmm... lemon... *the lemon slowly shifts into the form of a catgirl* ...okay, this isn't working. Maybe I just shouldn't think of anything at all. Yes, my mind's a blank slate...

12.30 PM

Maybe thinking about nothing was a bad idea as well. Had I been paying attention, maybe I would've noticed that car behind us before the car backed into it. Good thing I'm not driving, at least they won't be able to pin this one on me. Oh lookie, a fat German woman comes out of the car, screaming something about donuts and pastries. Actually I can't understand what the hell she's saying, I'm just going with what would make the most sense. Oh wait, I got that part. 'Polizei', that means Police., shit.

1.00 PM

Well, we're /finally/ on the road again. I just let the other guys handle talking to the woman and the police officer who eventually arrived. I think everything went smoothly enough, just some minor bumper damage to both cars, so we exchanged insurance info and that was it. No need for the police to be brought in and all. Stupid woman, making us lose valuable time... Oh, in case anyone is wondering what I was doing while all that was going on... Pokémon Silver. I took the opportunity to go beat Janine and Erica. Seemed like a more productive use of my time than trying to reason with some bloated hysterical German woman.

3.00 PM

Something to remember about roadsigns in Germany. They're never around when you need them. Turns out, we took a wrong turn somewhere, simply due to lack of signs pointing us in the right direction. *sigh* We probably could've been there by now if it wasn't for this. I just bet those freakin' Germans did it on purpose to confuse the Dutch tourists. They know full well we all hate their guts, so I wouldn't put it beyond them.

4.10 PM

And finally, finally... we made it. Winterberg, home of... er, something or other. Hey, I never heard of the place before, what did you expect? Lucky for us, the hotel is filled with only Dutch people, and we happen to know the owner personally - he used to live in my neighborhood, in fact. So at least we won't have any trouble communicating. Since the hotel has only 23 rooms, there was sadly no chance for me to get lucky 38 as my room number, but I got the next best thing - room 19. Which, in case you didn't figure it out yet, is exactly half of 38. Now then, time to unpack our bags!

4.15 PM

Bag's all unpacked. What can I say, I unpack helluva fast! ^_^

7.00 PM

Well, we mostly just relaxed from that point on. More Pokémon adn some Tetris via link cable, some snacks and drinks we had left... you know, just stuff. But now it's time to go see what's for dinner. First up, it's... Spinach Soup? ...o-kay, that's new. And whaddaya know, I happen to love Spinach, so no problems there! ^_^ The main course seems to be random vegetables, and... hm. Something that tastes like chicken in an unidentifiable sauce. Works for me. Oh, and french fries of course, gotta have those. Or should that be German fries? Ah, whatever. Oh, and dessert is... hmmm... ice cream that tastes like coffee. My analysis shows it to consist of 82.57% caffeine. I think I'll have seconds. ^_^

10.30 PM

Something else to remember about roadsigns in Germany. They point in random directions, so don't expect to end up where you were trying to go. See, we went out to try and find the tourist info center, so we wouldn't have to look for it when we would be going there tomorrow. No such luck. We found a sign that pointed us towards it... or it should have, anyway. We ended up... well, I dunno, but it wasn't where we were trying to go, anyway. Ah well, on the positive side, 'least we got to see a good deal of the town.

11.00 PM

Back at the hotel, spending some time at the hotel bar before going to bed.

12.10 AM

I can't remember the last time I went to bed this early... I can't believe I actually feel tired, either. Not like we did a heck of a lot. But tomorrow... my quest begins...

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