On August 17, in the year 2001... I went on a trip to Germany with three others. At their specific request, I won't name the people I went with seeing as how their general consensus was that "I'd only make 'm look like idiots". Which is nonsense of course. They made themselves look like idiots, I'm just calling 'm as I see 'm. Pretty silly, really, I highly doubt anyone who reads this would know who they are. But since they insisted, I'll just be referring to them as "the guys" instead.

First of all, I feel a disclaimer is required. This report is basically a collection of log entries. I only made entries whenever I felt like making a mental note, recording my thoughts at the time. So yes, you'll be getting an uncensored peek into the way I think. If that frightens you, perhaps you should just back off right now. I will not be held responsible for any mental or perhaps even physical damage sustained by reading this. Some of it may also just plain not make any sense to you. Nothing much I can do about that, they're /my/ thoughts after all, they only need to make sense to me. You have to be able to live with a few remarks that make the Germans look bad as well. I can't help it; I'm Dutch, I'm required to dislike Germans. And finally... I may have, um... embellished the story a bit. The facts are all there, but... well, let's just say I think you'll be able to tell which parts I'm talking about here. But you can always ask me about it later if you're unsure. (hint: The live-action scenes that pop up in between the log entries every now and then may have something to do with this.)

But enough about all that... you came here to read something entertaining, right? Well, I like to think I've succeeded in making it at least a worthwhile read, even for those who generally don't like this sort of thing. So without further ado...

* Day 1 - From here on you will go through the whole story. Enjoy! Please save any questions you might have until the very end of the presentation. Thank you.

* Official Soundtrack - I burned a CD with a few favorite MP3s of mine to take with me on this trip, which is referenced to in the report several times. So for those interested, here's the whole list, which may very well be considered this adventure's official soundtrack. I highly doubt any of you will recognise all of them (the fact that I don't even know the title of some doesn't help ^_^;;), but here it is anyway. I'd love to let you all hear, too, but unfortunately I don't know of a place that offers enough free space /and/ allows MP3s... If you do (or, preferably, if you can donate the required space yourself), please, e-mail me about it, and I'd be happy to upload the MP3s for all to enjoy.