You find yourself in the bushes when you wake up. Yep, you're not in Kansas anymore alright.
You stand up and look around. Looks like you've landed near the square of some strange town...
Footsteps! And they're headed this way! Better play it safe and hide in the bushes for now...

Uwee hee hee! What's that you say? I'm dead? Nonsense! Did you honestly believe anyone could defeat the likes of me?

Well, as I recall, you were defeated, weren't you, Kefka?

......Shut up, Exdeath! So were you!

I've come back from defeat before, and I can do it again! Fwahaha!!!

"Fwahaha"??? Man, what a crappy laugh!

Look who's talking! "Uwee hee hee", now that's stupid.

Well at least you can hear me when I laugh! Check THIS out: Uwee hee hee!

Oh yeah? Well, just because you could never actually hear me laugh in Final Fantasy 5 doesn't mean I can't be heard laughing at all! Allow me to demonstrate: Fwahahahahaha!


Hey, what's with all this laughing stuff?

Locke! It's you! Now I will have my revenge!!

Hmmm? Weren't you dead, Kefka?

Yeah, so? I'm back now, and this time I will win! Uwee hee hee!

Yeah? Well you're not the only one who's come back from the dead... in fact, one of them would like a word with you...

Hello again, Kefka.

General Leo??? Oh shit... I think I'll come back later... *vanishes*

Coward! Oh well... Hey Exdeath, what the heck are you doing here?

Oh nothing special, just Fwahaha-ing, as usual.

I see. Can I join? I've got a really good laugh myself, you know.

Really? Let's hear it.

All right, here it comes! Ahhahahaha!!

Hey, that was pretty good! Ever considered becoming a bad guy?

I have.

You, Setzer? Don't make me laugh!

Oh no, not more laughing! That's the last thing we need right now!

And why not? I've got a great laugh!

Well, I've got a better one! I'd make a great villain...

No way! You're way too dorky looking!

Oh yeah? Wanna bet?

Oh no, not again! Last time I made a bet with you, you took my airship!

I won it fair and square, Cid... besides, if I were so dorky looking, could I pick up chicks the way I do? Here, allow me demonstrate... hey there baby, what's your sign?

............. Oh, Odin! A job for you!


... that.... stings....

Is he okay?

Nope. At the rate he's bleeding, I'd say that in a few minutes, he'll be dead as a doornail. But heck, I just saw Kefka a little while ago, and he's supposed to be dead, so I guess he'll be alright somehow.


Yeah, Kefka. Don't you remember? Oh that's right, you're not the Cid from FF6 are you?

Yeah I know, confusing isn't it?

It sure is!

You said it!

And there's more than just those two... why couldn't you guys have a more original name or something? This confuses the hell out of everyone!

Pardon me, but I think I know of a solution.

You do?


What is it?


Aaarghhhhh..... *fade from view*

Hey, why'd you do that?

Since when do bad guys need a reason to do evil stuff?

You've got a point there... think they'll ever get back?

Sure they will. After all, I did.

Who the heck are you?

Don't mind him, he's nothing.

I resent that!

Yeah? Well, what are you gonna do about it?

The same thing I always do, of course! Bye! *runs away*

Whatta dork...

After watching what has been going on so far, you realize that although you don't want to be seen, you're going to have to start doing something sooner or later. So, what will you do?

Chase Gilgamesh or
Wait and see what else happens?