This stuff... is random, that what it is! Look around, maybe you'll find something you like in here...

* Random Animations - Okay, I usually don't make animations for no reason, so most of these do actually serve a purpose. These are the ones that I couldn't fit in anywhere but are too good to just throw into the garbage. So, this is where I show them off now.

* Random Pictures - These are some random non-moving pictures which I either made myself or saw somewhere and found amusing. So check them out, and find out if you share my sense of humor!

* Wallpapers - Macc's HQ-themed wallpaper to decorate your desktop with! It's like a dream come true!

* WinAmp Skins - A couple of Macc's HQ-themed WinAmp skins! w00t! Whatever that means!

* Macc's trip to Germany - This is a log of everything that happened in the week I spent in Germany, more or less. Okay, so maybe I did add a few things to make it more amusing to read, and so it would fit in better with the rest of my HQ... but that can only be considered a good thing, right?